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[NIFI-5502] Support custom UMask for creating folders vs files - NiFi - [issue]
...It would be convenient to have a way to specify a custom umask for either creating file or creating folders. In this manner it would be easier for users to handle creating file and folders t...    Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-09-17, 20:21
[expand - 1 more] - [DISCUSS] Stale PRs - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...Andy - That’s a good point. What I had in my mind was sort of like this ....- After 30 days alert is sent to author if no activity/comment not just commits.They would still have something li...
   Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-09-15, 16:08
Contrib Check Test Failures on master - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...Team - I'm experiencing test failures on master. I was formulating a PR andnoticed the failures when running -P contrib-check (this wasn't surprisingas I often have them =) however on furthe...
   Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-08-19, 19:01
[NIFI-4246] OAuth 2 Authorization support - Client Credentials Grant - NiFi - [issue]
...If your interacting with REST endpoints on the web chances are you are going to run into an OAuth2 secured webservice. The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) defines 4 methods in which O...    Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-08-07, 20:55
[ANNOUNCE] New NiFi PMC member Jeremy Dyer - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...I am very excited to be more involved in such a great community! Thank youeveryone for the kind words and looking forward to what the future bringsin this community!Thanks!Jeremy DyerOn Wed,...
   Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-08-02, 14:06
[NIFI-1022] Create GetTachyon and PutTachyon Processors - NiFi - [issue]
...Provide support for Apache Tachyon by implementing a GetTachyon and PutTachyon processor. Having the ability to both read and write to Tachyon would assist in sharing data with external appl...    Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-07-18, 16:36
Advice on connecting single NiFi instance to new cluster - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...Team - I'm sitting up a small development environment. I have an existingNiFi instance that is pointed to a NiFi-Registry instance and its runningseveral versioned flows. I wanted to join th...
   Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-07-14, 16:53
[ANNOUNCE] Apache NiFi MiNiFi 0.5.0 release - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...The Apache NiFi team would like to announce the release of Apache NiFiMiNiFi 0.5.0.Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process anddistribute data.  Apache Ni...
   Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-07-07, 19:00
[RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache NiFi MiNiFi 0.5.0 RC2 - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...Apache NiFi Community,I am pleased to announce that the 0.5.0 release of Apache NiFi MiNiFipasses with  7 +1 (binding) votes  0 -1 (binding) votes  2 +1 (non-binding) votes&nb...
   Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-07-02, 14:22
Status of nifi-docker - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...Mike - Yes both of them are used. The dockerhub one is obviously pushed to dockerhub (and built there hence the separate file) and the dockermaven one is built locally for anyone who wishes ...
   Author: Jeremy Dyer , 2018-06-29, 14:36