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[NUTCH-2533] Injector: NullPointerException if seed URL dir contains non-file entries - Nutch - [issue]
...I'm following I've run `./nutch inject /` and I've got the following error:InjectorJob: starting at 2018-03-12 11:59:05InjectorJob: Injecting url...    Author: Krzysztof Madejski , 2018-04-12, 08:53
[NUTCH-2531] Unclear steps in Nutch2 Tutorial - Nutch - [issue]
...I was trying to install Nutch based on this tutorial Issues I've found:In Obtaining Software and Configuration: "Specify the [...] along...    Author: Krzysztof Madejski , 2018-03-12, 17:04
[NUTCH-2532] Throw error if HBase is not available while running nutch commands. - Nutch - [issue]
...If HBase is not running `nutch inject` and `./nutch readdb -stats` both hangs - don't return anything.  In such case an ConnectionTimeoutError or other error should be thrown....    Author: Krzysztof Madejski , 2018-03-12, 16:58
[NUTCH-2529] "ant runtime" warns? about "Could not load definitions from resource org/sonar/ant/antlib.xml. It could not be found." - Nutch - [issue]
...What am I missing? Is this a warning? An error?/opt/apache-nutch-2.3.1$ ant runtimeBuildfile: /opt/apache-nutch-2.3.1/build.xmlTrying to override old definition of task javac[taskdef] Could ...    Author: Krzysztof Madejski , 2018-03-12, 16:15