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[OOZIE-1717] Add indexes to speed up db queries - Oozie - [issue]
...User_name is one of the frequently used filter. Adding index should avoid  full db scan.Index need to be done for BUNDLE_JOBS,COORD_JOBS and WF_JOBS....    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-08-13, 13:40
[OOZIE-2231] Upgrade curator to latest version 2.12.0 - Oozie - [issue]
...It have some fix related to InterProcessReadWriteLock, ChildReaper, LeaderSelector which we use....    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-08-01, 08:46
[OOZIE-1624] Exclusion pattern for sharelib JARs - Oozie - [issue]
...Sharelib may bring some jar which might conflict with user jars.Ex. Sharelib hive has json-2.xxxx.jar, where as some of the user use-case need higher version of json jar.He should be able to...    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-07-31, 09:16
[OOZIE-2336] Few testcases of TestStatusTransitService are failing - Oozie - [issue]
...test-C@1] Released lock for [0000000-150817195742795-oozie-jenk-B] in [bundle_status_transit]19:57:43,472  INFO StatusTransitService$StatusTransitRunnable:520 - USER[...    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-05-24, 16:04
[OOZIE-2150] Shell launcher should print shell script - Oozie - [issue]
...Pig and Hive does this. It will be helpful in debugging....    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-04-09, 15:15
[OOZIE-2513] log.scan.duration should not be used for error and audit logs - Oozie - [issue]    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-03-13, 00:38
[OOZIE-3031] Coord job with only unresolved dependencies doesn't timeout - Oozie - [issue]
...CoordActionInputCheckXCommand.javaelse if (!isTimeout(currentTime)) {                if (!status) {              &n...    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-02-14, 13:02
[OOZIE-2863] SLACalculatorMemory.loadOnRestart causing delay in server start - Oozie - [issue]
...LoadOnRestart load all job and tries to calculate SLA status. Based on job and SLA status, it moves job into historyMap or slaMap.Mostly, the slowness is caused by calculating SLA status (si...    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-02-14, 13:02
[OOZIE-1980] Sql error should not fail coord job - Oozie - [issue]
...We know that sql error is transient, it should not fail the job.We should ignore the SQL error, so that next materialization cycle can pick the job.protected void materialize() throws Comman...    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-02-06, 17:26
[OOZIE-3004] Forked action retry info is not working - Oozie - [issue]
...UI shows N/A for start time and console URLWe do parallel job submission for forked actions, and each job submission needs to update workflow instance. To avoid data race, ForkedActionStartX...    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-01-25, 21:01