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ORDER BY doesn't respect table aliases - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...The following query produces wrong DSL and failsGET /_opendistro/_sql/_explain{  "query": """  SELECT *   FROM kibana_sample_data_logs k  ORDER BY  """}Produc...    Author: galkk , 2019-10-18, 18:13
ORDER BY expects function names written only in lowercase - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...ThisGET /_opendistro/_sql{  "query": """    SELECT DATE_FORMAT(utc_time,'YYYY-MM-DD') from kibana_sample_data_logs    ORDER BY date_format(utc_time,'YYYY-MM-DD')&nbs...    Author: galkk , 2019-10-24, 16:59
Transform response to some standard format (e.g. JDBC) by default. - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...I propose to make JDBC output format default output format forGET /_opendistro/_sqlor do something similar to Elastic's SQL implementation (they do not return raw elastic output for SQL plug...    Author: galkk , 2020-01-28, 19:17
pow doesn't allow to pow into field value - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...That worksPOST _opendistro/_sql{  "query": """SELECT pow(dayOfWeek, 5)    from kibana_sample_data_flights    WHERE dayOfWeek > 2    """}and that failsPO...    Author: galkk , 2019-11-20, 22:04
Visualizer for SQL Expressions - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...Description of changes:During implementation, if you want to understand expression structure, there is no easy way to do that (at least I'm not aware of it).This PR implements visitor that r...    Author: galkk , 2019-12-17, 18:13
Fix script functions: remove randomization - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...Remove any randomization from generated scripts in SQLFunctions. All parameters must be passed as params.Currently, the scripts for SQLFUnctions randomize names, for example the queryGET /_o...    Author: galkk , 2019-10-31, 00:46
IS null doesn't work well for table with alias - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...Test dataPUT /employess_with_missing/_doc/3?pretty{  "name": "Bob Smith"}PUT /employess_with_missing/_doc/4?pretty{  "name": "Susan Smith", "title": "Dev Mgr", "age": 33}PUT /emplo...    Author: galkk , 2019-10-31, 18:47
Added github action to build and run tests - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...Description of changes: Added github action that compiles and runs tests Test run on my branch    Author: galkk , 2019-11-14, 18:24
Fixed flaky test suite, that was breaking github action build - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...Description of changes:Attempt to fix flaky testThe idea is that we clean and initialize test info in @before, instead of pair @before/@afterlet's see if actions will workBy submitting this ...    Author: galkk , 2019-11-14, 19:40
Gradle build will publish compiled plugin, that is ready to install into elastic - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - [issue]
...Description of changes: Gradle build will publish compiled plugin, that is ready to install into elastic Example build:    Author: galkk , 2019-11-15, 21:38