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[ORC-408] hard limit on memory use by ORC writers - Orc - [issue]
...Scenario: we want to hard-limit (within the constraints imposed by using Java) the memory used by a particular Hive task dedicated to ORC writing, to protect other tasks from misbehaving que...    Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-10-09, 19:02
[ORC-378] translate ShortRepeat/Delta integer encoding into isRepeating on LongCV more directly - Orc - [issue]    Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-08-22, 23:30
[VOTE] Should we release ORC 1.5.2rc0? - Orc - [mail # dev]
...Tar link is broken, should be your apache username :)Otherwise +1On 18/6/25, 12:59, "Prasanth Jayachandran"  wrote:>All,>>Should we release the following artifacts as ORC 1.5.2...
   Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-06-25, 23:40
[ORC-160] expose index read planning in RecordReaderUtils - Orc - [issue]
...Since EncodedReader was not made part of ORC project at split time, it doesn't have parity in utility methods access. In particular, it needs to plan index reads to be able to read them thru...    Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-05-14, 22:25
[ORC-310] better error handling and lifecycle management for codecs - Orc - [issue]
...When there's a failure potentially involving the codec, the codec object may be left in bad state and should not be reused (esp. given that Hadoop codecs are brittle w.r.t. how they maintain...    Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-05-14, 22:25
ORC double encoding optimization proposal - Orc - [mail # user]
...Afair ORC used to have some threshold below which it would still do oneread if the gap is small.On 18/3/25, 23:47, "Gopal Vijayaraghavan"  wrote:>>>    2. Under seek ...
   Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-03-27, 18:04
[ORC-296] work around HADOOP-15171; also fix stream contract - Orc - [issue]
...Stream read is never supposed to return 0 unless 0 bytes were requested, that breaks protobuf.The reason the streams can return 0 is that some buffers decompress to 0 bytes due to HADOOP-151...    Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-02-11, 03:05
[VOTE] Should we release ORC 1.4.3rc0? - Orc - [mail # dev]
...The source tarball looks good to me+1From: Owen O'Malley >Date: Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 2:10 PMSubject: [VOTE] Should we release ORC 1.4.3rc0?To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]All,   There are s...
   Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-02-06, 23:08
[ORC-243] incorrect isRepeating handling in decimal reader - Orc - [issue]
...This can lead to incorrect results. I need to look at other readers, will do tomorrow if this looks ok in general....    Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2018-01-05, 18:16
[ORC-158] do not assume an array-backed buffer in static ReaderImpl methods - Orc - [issue]
...For example, arrayOffset() usage causes errors with direct buffers.Another useful thing to support would be an array of ByteBuffer-s, in case the read from e.g. ZCR, or cache, does not fit i...    Author: Sergey Shelukhin , 2017-06-30, 21:15