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[PDFBOX-2459] Share functionality between Page Tree and Field Tree - PDFBox - [issue]
...The PDFs page tree and AcroForms field tree share some common functionality e.g. resolving inheritable attributes, iterating through leafs and such which could be combined into a PDTree clas...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-03-17, 19:07
[PDFBOX-2461] Clear Checkstyle errors in source - PDFBox - [issue]
...There are several checkstyle errors and warnings occurring for the current source code. Make sure that the errors are fixed....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-03-17, 19:07
[PDFBOX-2475] Fix Checkstyle errors in the 1.8 branch - PDFBox - [issue]
...There are some Checkstyle validation errors in the 1.8 branch which shall be cleared....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2014-12-13, 14:15
[PDFBOX-2480] Add information about Snapshots to download section - PDFBox - [issue]
...As there Snapshot versions of PDFBox are requested on a regular basis add the information where to find these in the downloads section of our website....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2014-12-13, 14:15
[PDFBOX-2516] Further align AcroForms and Fields PDModel with PDF specification - PDFBox - [issue]
...The PDModel for AcroForms and the fields being part of it  (o.a.p.pdmodel.interactive.form) needs to be enhanced. Sample issues: RadioButton and Checkbox don’t support DV entries althou...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-03-17, 19:07
[PDFBOX-2580] Decouple implementation specific forms handling from interactive.form PD Model - PDFBox - [issue]
...The interactive.form PD model currently holds classes reflecting the various fields intermixed with appearance generation and layout handling.In order to separate the PD model from the servi...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2015-02-13, 22:09
[PDFBOX-2597] Provide easier access to AcroForm field tree - PDFBox - [issue]
...The current implementation of the AcroForm field retrieval methods don’t provide an easy access to get to all fields as one needs to retrieve the documents root fields check if these are no...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-03-17, 19:08
[PDFBOX-2604] Generate a default appearance when creating an interactive form field - PDFBox - [issue]
...When an interactive form field is generated a default appearance should be generated to get a visual representation of the form field....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-03-25, 18:09
[PDFBOX-2271] Potential NPE in - PDFBox - [issue]
...containsMarkedContent() in might throw an NPE if the parameters passed to the getStreamTokens() methods are null as the List variable t...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-03-17, 19:08
[PDFBOX-2333] Overhaul the appearance generation for PDF forms - PDFBox - [issue]
...The appearance handling for forms in 1.x is limited and does not reflect all settings possible for form fields. In addition the current code is not very modular and does not follow the box m...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-03-17, 19:08