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[PDFBOX-3682] Wrong value stored for a radio button with an /Opts entry - PDFBox - [issue]
...When a radio button has an /Opts entry PDFBox saves the index of the value in the /Opts array as the fields value in /V instead of the appearance entries name for the On state the index is p...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-03-25, 18:12
[PDFBOX-3683] Unexpected behavior when setting value for radio button with /Opts entry - PDFBox - [issue]
...Setting the value for a radio button the behavior is unexpected as when setting the value the entries in /Opts need to be used is there is such entry otherwise the names for the On values in...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-04-12, 14:31
[PDFBOX-3723] FDFField.getValue() doesn't return the values in line with the Javadoc. - PDFBox - [issue]
...For the 2.0.x releases FDFField.getValue() doesn't neither return the documented PDTextStream return type nor String for values of type COSString or COSStream. This has somewhat be masked by...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-05-15, 20:28
[PDFBOX-3726] NPE when setting the field value in an AcroForm and the NormalAppearance entry exists but is COSNull - PDFBox - [issue]
...When the NormalAppearance entry exists in a PDAnnotationWidget but the entry is COSNull and NPE is raised similar to Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException atorg.apache.pd...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-05-15, 20:28
[PDFBOX-3454] Wrong color and line setting when filling a form - PDFBox - [issue]
...As reported on so the form fields are not rendered correctly using ...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-12-20, 17:24
[PDFBOX-3461] Improve handling of line breaking characters when setting AcroForm field values - PDFBox - [issue]
...When filling AcroForm fields the text supplied to setValue might contain control characters such as \n \r, \t and others which leads to an {{ java.lang.IllegalArgumentException}} for most fo...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-03-25, 18:12
[PDFBOX-3480] IllegalArgumentException in PDAppearanceString if there are no AcroForm default resources - PDFBox - [issue]
...The constructor in PDAppearanceString requires a default resource which is taken from the AcroForm in PDVariableText or throws an IllegalArgumentException. As the /DR entry is optional such ...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-03-25, 18:12
[PDFBOX-3350] Switch to kramdown for jekyll 3.x - PDFBox - [issue]
...With jekyll 3 github moved to using kramdown only as the engine for markdown processing. In order to stay in sync with that move, although we are not using Github pages. we should do the sam...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-01-31, 10:59
[PDFBOX-3356] Create a field appearance for a new value if NeedApperances is true - PDFBox - [issue]
...When an interactive forms field value is set and NeedAppearances is set to true PDFBox currently doesn't create/update the appearance stream. This shall be changed so new values are always r...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2017-03-25, 18:12
[PDFBOX-3357] Add support for the upcoming PDF 2 specification - PDFBox - [issue]
...This is a longer term issue to track changes/additions to reflect the upcoming PDF 2 specification....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2016-05-20, 10:15