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[PDFBOX-4669] Ensure proper functionality of COSArrayList - PDFBox - [issue]
...The current COSArrayList implementation has some glitches as pointed out at addition when working with AnnotationFilter as the adding/update/r...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2020-02-11, 17:55
[PDFBOX-2661] Implement font fallback for AcroForms - PDFBox - [issue]
...There are forms where the font specified in the fields default appearance is not pointing to the correct fields or forms resources entry. Adobe Reader/Acrobat have a (unspecified) fallback m...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2019-10-30, 04:57
[PDFBOX-3301] NPE in PDAcroForm.flatten if a widget doesn't contain a /P entry - PDFBox - [issue]
...A form filling issue was discussed on the users mailing list where one of the issues was that the widget annotations do not contain a /P entry. This led to an NPE:Exception in thread "main" ...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2019-08-29, 16:21
[PDFBOX-3347] COSName parsing doesn't handle ISO-8859-1 encoded bytes - PDFBox - [issue]
...As discussed here a byte sequence making up a COSName is interpreted during parsing and writing whe...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2020-01-02, 11:42
[PDFBOX-3330] Enhance and update PDFBox website & documentation - PDFBox - [issue]
...General purpose ticket to track enhancements to the website and documentation...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2020-07-08, 16:43
[PDFBOX-4848] Automate building website without local install - PDFBox - [issue]
...As discussed on the dev mailing list we are looking to utilize the git - .asf.yaml features and/or other capabilities to simplify building the website without the need to install the site ge...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2020-07-09, 14:51
[PDFBOX-4080] Improve memory consumption of PDAbstractAppearanceHandler - PDFBox - [issue]
...PDAbstractAppearanceHandler calls new COSStream(), this has a huge memory footprint (PDFBOX-3868 and PDFBOX-3852). We'd need to find a way to pass the document, or the document scratch file,...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2020-06-30, 06:13
[PDFBOX-3910] Support auto font sizing in multiline text fields - PDFBox - [issue]
...Currently we don not support font size auto in multiline fields. There have been two discussions recently in the users mailing list about that....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2020-06-24, 10:22
[PDFBOX-4723] Add equals() and hashCode() to PDAnnotation and COS objects - PDFBox - [issue]
...In order to proper support removeAll/retainAll for COSArrayList we need to detect if entries are in fact duplicates of others. This currently fails as even though one might add the same inst...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2020-07-27, 18:39