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[PDFBOX-1987] Provide a PDF Lexer as a base for PDF parsing - PDFBox - [issue]
...In order to enhance the parsing process and as a foundation for a combination of the different parsers a PDF lexer should be provided....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-05-08, 21:14
[PDFBOX-4118] Retain Exception in log output - PDFBox - [issue]
...This task is to track resolving the message.Either log or rethrow this exception.I'll do that for trunk only to limit the time needed....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-05-09, 07:13
[PDFBOX-2639] Enhance the AcroForms related API - PDFBox - [issue]
...This is a general issue to gather input for potential enhancements to use PDFBox for forms creation and filling. Sub tasks to that issue will track individual enhancements which might result...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-05-09, 07:20
[PDFBOX-3746] Improve font encoding for interactive form fields with capable embedded font - PDFBox - [issue]
...As discussed at  http://s...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-05-09, 07:29
[PDFBOX-3469] Improve handling of tab character when setting AcroForm field values - PDFBox - [issue]
...When a plan text form field is filled with a value containing the TAB \t character Adobe Acrobat jumps to tab positions. Look at replicating that....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-05-09, 07:30
[PDFBOX-2662] Implement fallback if there are no AcroForm default resources - PDFBox - [issue]
...Some forms might not have a default resource (DR) entry for AcroForms or the entry is incomplete. Adobe Reader can handle such situations using default settings.We should be ably to handle s...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-05-09, 07:32
[PDFBOX-4185] Fetching options for PDChoice causes ClassCastException - PDFBox - [issue]
...I am trying to fetch the options available for a PDChoice field in a form but get a ClassCastException from the PDFBox internals.The problematic PDF is an Inheritance Tax form from the UK's ...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-06-21, 20:27
[PDFBOX-4158] COSDocument and PDFMerger may not close all IO resources if closing of one fails - PDFBox - [issue]
...As observed on the users mailing list  COSDocument.close and PDFMergerUtility.mergeDocuments might not close all IO resources if closing of one of the resources fails...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-06-21, 20:27
[PDFBOX-4212] Rewrite formatter for interactive form fields - PDFBox - [issue]
...With the inclusion of GSUB information there are additional capabilities for text formatting as well as additional language support. This ticket will track the rewrite/enhancement of the cur...    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-06-10, 16:42
[PDFBOX-2602] Enhance command line tools - PDFBox - [issue]
...The command line tools shall be enhanced to have the same behavior across all tools.From the discussion on the dev mailing list add an -h option to print the usage print the usage to System....    Author: Maruan Sahyoun , 2018-06-13, 10:22