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[PDFBOX-3000] Transparency Group issues - PDFBox - [issue]
...This is a follow-up issue for transparency group issues from PDFBOX-2423. More details to come....    Author: John Hewson , 2018-06-30, 18:44
[PDFBOX-4220] FontBox sets GSUB features globally across shared fonts - PDFBox - [issue]
...Migrating the following issue from PDFBOX-4106: So we have a problem. While looking at building a proper ToUnicodeMap for PDFBOX-4189 I've encountered some significant issues related to...    Author: John Hewson , 2018-09-05, 04:40
[PDFBOX-2437] PDFont isSymbolic() has unexpected return value - PDFBox - [issue]
...From the mailing list:Hello,I believe the following lines should fallback to false instead of true.    Author: John Hewson , 2016-03-17, 19:08
[PDFBOX-2464] Document crypto build dependencies - PDFBox - [issue]
...We need to document a new build dependency:Since PDFBOX-2460, building PDFBox now requires a JDK with "unlimited strength" cryptography. Which requires extra files to be installed. For JDK 7...    Author: John Hewson , 2016-03-17, 19:08
[PDFBOX-2565] Subset embedded TTF fonts - PDFBox - [issue]
...Now that PDFBOX-922 is fixed, we have working TTF embedding. However, the entire font is embedded, which is rather large. We already have a TTFSubsetter class in FontBox, which is never used...    Author: John Hewson , 2016-03-17, 19:06
[PDFBOX-2566] Remove logging from operator classes - PDFBox - [issue]
...I've been trying to get better control over the logging that occurs in the operator classes, but it's not easy to do so. Ideally all logging could pass through PDFStreamEngine so that subcla...    Author: John Hewson , 2016-03-17, 19:06
[PDFBOX-2578] Fuzzy matching of base 14 fonts - PDFBox - [issue]
...The file from PDFBOX-2573 has a font "Helvetica~1d3" which Adobe Reader recognises as a "base 14" Helvetica. We should implement a similarly forgiving font-matching mechanism for cases where...    Author: John Hewson , 2017-03-25, 18:09
[PDFBOX-2589] Improve examples - PDFBox - [issue]
...Our examples are in need of improvement before 2.0 is released. Many examples are using obsolete APIs and don't follow our coding conventions. Many are too simple or too complex....    Author: John Hewson , 2016-09-09, 17:51
[PDFBOX-2590] Improve PDPageContentStream API - PDFBox - [issue]
...The PDPageContentStream API uses some methods with incorrect and misleading names, and some unusual choices of parameters. These can be fairly easily cleaned up....    Author: John Hewson , 2016-03-17, 19:07
[PDFBOX-2592] Allow sharing of COS objects between different documents - PDFBox - [issue]
...A number of users on the mailing list have asked about how to import pages from other PDFs as forms, our current solution is LayerUtility, which is depends on PDFCloneUtility. Both these cla...    Author: John Hewson , 2016-03-17, 19:08