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[PARQUET-1420] [C++] Thrift-generated symbols not exported in DLL - Parquet - [issue]
...Thirft-generated symbols don't have any PARQUET_EXPORT-like annotation, so they are not reachable from the Parquet DLL. In turn this makes it impossible to link Parquet unit tests with the P...    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-09-20, 13:34
[PARQUET-1394] [C++] Linking errors with boost_regex - Parquet - [issue]
...I'm now getting linking errors with boost_regex:../../debug/libparquet.a( In function `bool boost::regex_match<__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<char const*, std::string>,...    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-08-20, 15:04
[PARQUET-1395] [C++] Tests fail due to not finding - Parquet - [issue]
...When building:-- Boost version: 1.67.0-- Found the following Boost libraries:--   regex-- Boost include dir: /home/antoine/miniconda3/envs/pyarrow/include-- Boost libraries: /home/antoi...    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-08-20, 14:43
[PARQUET-1382] [C++] Prepare for arrow::test namespace removal - Parquet - [issue]
...ARROW-3059 will remove the arrow::test namespace, make sure the parquet-cpp codebase doesn't break....    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-08-17, 14:10
[PARQUET-1308] [C++] parquet::arrow should use thread pool, not ParallelFor - Parquet - [issue]
...Arrow now has a global thread pool, parquet::arrow should use that instead of ParallelFor....    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-08-17, 06:26
[PARQUET-1366] [C++] Streamline use of Arrow bit-util.h - Parquet - [issue]
...Required for ARROW-2950: stop using certain bit-util APIs that will be removed....    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-08-01, 19:14
[PARQUET-1350] [C++] Use abstract ResizableBuffer instead of concrete PoolBuffer - Parquet - [issue]
...PoolBuffer is an implementation detail in Arrow and we're aiming to make it private....    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-07-23, 18:29
[PARQUET-1346] [C++] Protect against null values data in empty Arrow array - Parquet - [issue]
...See ARROW-2744....    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-07-12, 06:40
[PARQUET-1244] Documentation link to logical types broken - Parquet - [issue]
...The link to here is broken:    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-06-06, 08:40
[PARQUET-1313] [C++] Compilation failure with VS2017 - Parquet - [issue]
...I get hit by the following issue: sure why I don't get the same problem with Arrow C++....    Author: Antoine Pitrou , 2018-05-31, 10:41