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[PARQUET-1337] Current block alignment logic may lead to several row groups per block - Parquet - [issue]
...When the size of buffered data gets near the desired row group size, Parquet flushes the data to a row group. However, at this point the data for the last page is not yet encoded nor compres...    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-21, 15:10
[PARQUET-1365] Don't write page level statistics for v1 - Parquet - [issue]
...Page level statistics are never used in production and after adding column indexes they are completely useless. In page_v2 we are not able to remove the unnecessary statistics as they are re...    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-12, 12:02
[PARQUET-1414] Limit page size based on maximum row count - Parquet - [issue]
...For column index based filtering it is important to have enough pages for a column. In case of a perfectly matching encoding for the suitable data it can happen that all of the values can be...    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-12, 10:15
[PARQUET-1389] Improve value skipping at page synchronization - Parquet - [issue]
...Currently, value skipping is done one-by-one for page synchronization. There are encodings (e.g. plain) where several values can be skipped at once....    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-11, 11:59
[PARQUET-1400] Deprecate parquet-mr related code in parquet-format - Parquet - [issue]
...There are java classes in the parquet-format repo that shall be in the parquet-mr repo instead: java classes and test classesThese classes shall be deprecated by mentioning they will be move...    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-07, 12:41
[PARQUET-1415] Improve logic when to write column indexes - Parquet - [issue]
...Currently, we always write column indexes. In case of the data is ordered (ASCENDING or DESCENDING) the filtering would highly benefit from column indexes. While, if the data is UNORDERED it...    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-07, 12:10
[PARQUET-1201] Column indexes - Parquet - [issue]
...Write the column indexes described in PARQUET-922. This is the first phase of implementing the whole feature. The implementation is done in the following steps: Utility to read/write in...    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-07, 12:10
[PARQUET-1399] Move parquet-mr related code from parquet-format - Parquet - [issue]
...There are java classes in the parquet-format repo that shall be in the parquet-mr repo instead: java classes and test classesThe idea is to create a separate module in parquet-mr and depend ...    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-09-07, 11:47
[expand - 1 more] - PARQUET-1399: Move parquet-mr related code from parquet-format - Parquet - [mail # dev]
...Thanks a lot, Uwe. I'll do it manually after my change is working.But it is not... :(So, "mvn clean install" works just fine, every test passes. While "mvnclean install -DskipTests && mvn te...
   Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-08-23, 11:20
[PARQUET-1386] Fix issues of NaN and +-0.0 in case of float/double column indexes - Parquet - [issue]
...Workaround the float/double column indexes just like we did for statistics in PARQUET-1246....    Author: Gabor Szadovszky , 2018-08-23, 07:44