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[PARQUET-1160] [C++] Implement BYTE_ARRAY-backed Decimal reads - Parquet - [issue]
...These are valid in the parquet spec, but it seems like no system in use today implements a writer for this type.What systems support writing Decimals with this underlying type?...    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2018-08-23, 22:19
[PARQUET-1276] [C++] Reduce the amount of memory used for writing null decimal values - Parquet - [issue]    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2018-08-20, 16:07
[PARQUET-1159] Compatibility with C++ iterators - Parquet - [issue]
...There are some places where it would clean up the code quite a bit to use C++ STL iterators and be compatible with their APIs.Additionally, in this PR (    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2018-06-09, 19:04
[PARQUET-1127] [C++] Fix AssertArraysEqual call - Parquet - [issue]    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2018-06-09, 19:04
[PARQUET-1299] [C++] Upgrade Brotli to latest version - Parquet - [issue]    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2018-05-14, 14:02
[PARQUET-1101] [C++] Build against arrow master in CI - Parquet - [issue]
...From this appveyor build it looks like we're testing against a five-week-old version of arrow. I've got a PR in the works to fix this....    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2018-01-02, 15:15
Negative Decimal Scale - Parquet - [mail # dev]
...I'd like to propose adding support for a negative scale parameter todecimal types in the parquet spec. Many systems that interact with parquetsupport specifying decimals with negative scales...
   Author: Phillip Cloud , 2017-12-06, 20:54
[PARQUET-1168] [C++] Table::Make no longer exists in Arrow - Parquet - [issue]    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2017-12-04, 19:30
[PARQUET-1167] [C++] FieldToNode function should return a status when throwing an exception - Parquet - [issue]    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2017-12-04, 07:59
[PARQUET-1163] [C++] Add test function to compare underlying values of Arrow arrays, not including type - Parquet - [issue]
...For unsigned integer typed Arrow arrays read in from parquet files we want to compare the values (which are stored as signed integers) but we don't want to fail an assertion because the type...    Author: Phillip Cloud , 2017-11-19, 23:49