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[PHOENIX-3383] Comparison between descending row keys used in RVC is reverse - Phoenix - [issue]
...See PHOENIX-3382, but the comparison for RVC with descending row key columns is the reverse of what it should be....    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-16, 06:12
[PHOENIX-4942] Move MetaDataEndpointImplTest to integration test - Phoenix - [issue]
...Any test that spins up a mini cluster must be an integration test, not a unit test. Looks like MetaDataEndpointImplTest snuck in under test instead of it....    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-16, 05:24
[PHOENIX-172] Support the ability for a client to do query more - Phoenix - [issue]
...Clients often need the ability to "page" through query results that have more row results than are displayable on a single screen. SQL provides LIMIT and OFFSET which is often used for this ...    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-16, 00:13
[PHOENIX-4089] Prevent index from getting out of sync with data table under high concurrency - Phoenix - [issue]
...Under high concurrency, we're still seeing the index get out of sync with the data table. It seems that the particular case is when the same Put occurs with the same time stamp from differen...    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-12, 20:03
[PHOENIX-3534] Support multi region SYSTEM.CATALOG table - Phoenix - [issue]
...Currently Phoenix requires that the SYSTEM.CATALOG table is single region based on the server-side row locks being held for operations that impact a table and all of it's views. For example,...    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-11, 14:20
[PHOENIX-3925] Disallow usage of ON DUPLICATE KEY clause on tables with global secondary indexes - Phoenix - [issue]
...For the reasons of service protection, rather than just documenting that you shouldn't use the ON DUPLICATE KEY clause on tables with global secondary indexes, we should instead throw an exc...    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-09, 20:21
[PHOENIX-4731] Make running transactional unit tests for a given provider optional - Phoenix - [issue]
...Different users may not be relying on transactions, or may only be relying on a single transaction provider. By default, we can run transactional tests across all providers, but we should ha...    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-06, 09:20
[expand - 1 more] - Java 1.8 dependencies in 4.x? - Phoenix - [mail # dev]
...I've reopened PHOENIX-4825 where this came in and marked it as a blocker.On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 10:21 AM Josh Elser  wrote:> Agreed in theory. I'm surprised the maven-compiler-plugin...
   Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-05, 22:51
[PHOENIX-4594] Perform binary search on guideposts during query compilation - Phoenix - [issue]
...If there are many guideposts, performance will suffer during query compilation because we do a linear search of the guideposts to find the intersection with the scan ranges. Instead, in Base...    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-05, 19:05
[PHOENIX-3950] IndexTool marks index active even when index building fails - Phoenix - [issue]
...We've seen cases in which the MR-based index building tool (IndexTool) marks an index as active when the index building clearly did not succeed. It might be related to a timeout occurring an...    Author: James Taylor , 2018-10-04, 21:55