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New Apache Pig Committer: Nandor Kollar - Pig - [mail # dev]
...Congratulation Nandor!On 9/6/18, 12:59 PM, "Koji Noguchi"  wrote:    On behalf of the Apache Pig PMC, it is my pleasure to announce that    Nandor Kollar has accept...
   Author: Daniel Dai , 2018-09-07, 16:22
[PIG-2599] Mavenize Pig - Pig - [issue]
...Switch Pig build system from ant to maven.This is a candidate project for Google summer of code 2014. More information about the program can be found at    Author: Daniel Dai , 2018-06-13, 15:53
[PIG-5182] ant docs target is broken by PIG-5110 - Pig - [issue]
...Doing ant docs, show the error message below:     [exec] /Users/daijy/dev/cs502/pig/src/docs/src/documentation/content/xdocs/basic.xml:5427:11: Element type "i" must be declar...    Author: Daniel Dai , 2018-04-13, 22:02
[PIG-4764] Make Pig work with Hive 2.0 - Pig - [issue]
...There are a lot of changes especially around ORC in Hive 2.0. We need to make Pig work with it....    Author: Daniel Dai , 2018-01-03, 10:56
[PIG-4324] Remove jsch-LICENSE.txt - Pig - [issue]
...jsch dependency is removed in PIG-3522. We shall remove the license file....    Author: Daniel Dai , 2017-11-15, 18:32
[PIG-5254] Hit Ctrl-D to quit grunt shell fail - Pig - [issue]
...Exception:java.lang.NullPointerException        at$ ...    Author: Daniel Dai , 2017-08-08, 00:11
[PIG-2595] BinCond only works inside parentheses - Pig - [issue]
...Not sure if we have a Jira for this before. This script does not work:a = load '/user/pig/tests/data/singlefile/studenttab10k' using PigStorage() as (name, age:int, gpa:double, instate:chara...    Author: Daniel Dai , 2017-08-03, 01:47
[PIG-5129] Add a global progress bar for Tez - Pig - [issue]
...In MR, we have a progress bar which tracks the percentage complete of the Pig script. In Tez, we have Tez progress bar in the form of "TotalTasks: 2 Succeeded: 2" for a single DAG. However, ...    Author: Daniel Dai , 2017-08-01, 04:29
[PIG-4102] Adding e2e tests and several improvements for Orc predicate pushdown - Pig - [issue]    Author: Daniel Dai , 2017-06-30, 23:44
[PIG-1669] PushUpFilter fail when filter condition contains scalar - Pig - [issue]
...The following script fail:a = load 'studenttab10k' as (name, age, gpa);b = group a all;c = foreach b generate AVG(a.age) as age;d = foreach a generate name, age;e = filter d by age >    Author: Daniel Dai , 2017-06-30, 21:26