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[PYLUCENE-26] "extern" keyword missing in reserved keywords in JCC unit - PyLucene - [issue]
...The python unit misses the reserved c++ keyword "extern", which leads to problems...    Author: Martin Scherer , 2013-09-11, 14:00
[PYLUCENE-27] JCC should be able to create sdist archives - PyLucene - [issue]
...I was not able to create a complete (in terms one is able to compile and install the desired wrapper) source distribution.I've tried following calls:  python -m jcc --jar foo  --eg...    Author: Martin Scherer , 2014-01-13, 16:01
[PYLUCENE-28] JCC reuses JVM instances in impl, if compile() is called twice. - PyLucene - [issue]
...If you import jcc.cpp to call compile yourself (a wrapped script to generate a wrapper on the fly, which seems to be a common use case), the current version complains about the JVM ...    Author: Martin Scherer , 2013-11-04, 15:01
[PYLUCENE-29] JCC: JArray('int') from integer numpy ndarray not possible - PyLucene - [issue]
...One can properly directly convert numpy double arrays to JArrays, but numpy integer arrays have to be converted to a Python list before. Else one would receive a type error. The following co...    Author: Martin Scherer , 2013-12-10, 14:01