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[PYLUCENE-41] JArray type issue - PyLucene - [issue]
...Hi, In JCC 3.0 release version and early(2.7) it is possible to make a double array by: mask = JArray('object')(5)for i in range(5)     mask[i] = JArray('double')([1.0, 2.0&...    Author: Petrus Hyvönen , 2018-10-15, 00:49
[PYLUCENE-47] Type matching in methods with same number of arguments - PyLucene - [issue]
...If the same number of arguments are used in a method and the arguments are positively matched also on subclasses of the argument. The order of testing in the generated code will matter and g...    Author: Petrus Hyvönen , 2019-04-23, 18:40
[PYLUCENE-48] --files separate not working with --use-full-names - PyLucene - [issue]
...Hi,It seems like the --file separate option is not working together with the --use-full-names option.The linking says:build_test2\java_init_.cpp(23): error C3861: 'getJavaModule': id...    Author: Petrus Hyvönen , 2019-04-23, 18:41
[PYLUCENE-46] __dir__ module paramter - PyLucene - [issue]
...Hi,Since Python 3.7 the _dir_ module attribute is part of the API to return the values that shall be presented from the "dir" python command.    Author: Petrus Hyvönen , 2019-03-04, 22:43
[PYLUCENE-53] JCC Default implementations from Interfaces not exposed - PyLucene - [issue]
...Hi,This may be related to PYLUCENE-27 but not sure.Default implementations of methods in an interface does not seem to be exposed currently.For example:The interface:interface Being { p...    Author: Petrus Hyvönen , 2020-04-17, 22:28