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[REEF-1827] new Uri(path) in REEF.NET IO Returns Lowercase String - Reef - [issue]
...In the Org.Apache.REEF.IO.FileSystem.IFileSystem, we have many methods that are based on C#'s Uri. For example:void CopyToLocal(Uri remoteFileUri, string localName);void CreateDirectory(Uri ...    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2018-06-06, 13:55
[expand - 2 more] - Uri Issues in REEF.NET IO - Reef - [mail # dev]
...Hi Julia,I am not talking about the uri prefix, if what you meant was the string prefixes like "hdfs://". The problem I had is very specialized to my usage - the cluster I'm working with has...
   Author: Shouheng Yi , 2018-03-12, 17:13
[REEF-1972] C1083: Cannot open include file: 'mscoree.h': No such file or directory - Reef - [issue]
...My build on both Visual Studio 2017 and msbuild were not successful due to the same error:fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'mscoree.h': No such file or directory [E:\reef\lan...    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2018-01-12, 00:12
[REEF-1971] Invalid option '7.2' for /langversion when building C# solution - Reef - [issue]
...Hi REEF Devs,I was trying to build the latest master branch of REEF by following I was using Visual Studio 17, and had JAVA_HOME, M2_HOME, protoc set in the PATH.However, when I wa...    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2018-01-11, 20:58
[REEF-1826] REEF Must be Invoked in a Directory that Contains Its DLLs - Reef - [issue]
...I have an executable file (let's say foo.exe) that invokes REEF's client. foo.exe will not run, if REEF's DLLs are not in the current running directory.This constraint is fine if I'm working...    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2017-11-17, 01:38
[expand - 3 more] - [REEF-1892] HDFS File Copy only uses local HDFS - Reef - [mail # dev]
...Hi Rogan and Markus,Here is the link to the PR: [#1383|] to fix REEF-1827. Let me know what you think. Thanks.Best,Shouheng-----Original Message-----F...
   Author: Shouheng Yi , 2017-09-27, 20:37
[REEF-1780] Improve logging when closing message dispatcher on the evaluator manager shutdown - Reef - [issue]
...This adds additional logging to make closing process more visible....    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2017-08-02, 02:10
[REEF-1828] An Extension that Allows Users to Provide Start Scripts for an Evaluator - Reef - [issue]
...I've been working with REEF on a cluster for a recent project. One of the common themes I observed is that I have to configure the machines which REEF evaluators reside on, for example, open...    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2017-07-19, 14:35
[REEF-1773] Adding C# ParquetReader - Reef - [issue]
...This is the sub task of REEF-1771. This issue addresses reading parquet files and representing them as in-memory objects, given DataContracts of the objects. It first launches a Java process...    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2017-07-10, 15:14
[REEF-1774] Add hadoop-core for reef-experimental - Reef - [issue]
...Currently to package reef-experimental and its dependencies into a jar during maven package, we need to provide hadoop-core in the pom file.Initial PR is here[1].[1] https://...    Author: Shouheng Yi , 2017-04-19, 16:37