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[SAMZA-1919] Add KafkaSystemDescriptor constructor to allow arbitrary factory class - Samza - [issue]
...Currently KafkaSystemDescriptor is hardcoded to use org.apache.samza.system.kafka.KafkaSystemFactory as the system factory for instantiating producer/consumer/admin. Users may want to use mo...    Author: Dong Lin , 2018-09-30, 18:35
[SAMZA-1530] Bump up Kafka dependency to 0.11 - Samza - [issue]
...See for notable changes in Kafka 0.11.One of the important feature in 0.11 is the ability to delete records on demand. Sa...    Author: Dong Lin , 2018-07-20, 01:36
[SAMZA-1548] Add start() and stop() to SystemAdmin - Samza - [issue]
...This patch adds start() and stop() to SystemAdmin interface. This can be useful for e.g. kafka.admin.AdminClient which needs to be started before it can be used.Since we add this method in i...    Author: Dong Lin , 2018-05-02, 16:53
[SAMZA-1489] TaskInstance should commit offset before it closes() if auto commit is enabled - Samza - [issue]    Author: Dong Lin , 2018-05-02, 16:47
[SAMZA-1478] Delete unneeded data from intermediate Kafka topic on offset commit - Samza - [issue]    Author: Dong Lin , 2018-05-02, 16:43
[SAMZA-1293] Enable partition expansion of input streams - Samza - [issue]
...Right now, Samza does not allow partitions of the input stream to increase after a stateful job is created. This causes problem when Kafka is used as the input system, because we need to exp...    Author: Dong Lin , 2018-03-26, 23:20
[SAMZA-1579] RemoteApplicationRunner should allow user to kill app or query app status - Samza - [issue]    Author: Dong Lin , 2018-02-02, 21:34
[SAMZA-1490] Fix TestRepartitionJoinWindowApp - Samza - [issue]    Author: Dong Lin , 2017-11-14, 18:51
[SAMZA-1475] The latest branch of hello-samza should pass compilation - Samza - [issue]
...The latest branch of hello-samza could not compile due to the following error:$ ./gradlew jarJava HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option PermSize=128m; support was removed in ...    Author: Dong Lin , 2017-10-30, 23:26
[expand - 1 more] - [VOTE] SEP-5: Enable partition expansion of input streams - Samza - [mail # dev]
...Thanks everyone, especially Navina, Yi, Jacob and Xinyu for your comments!Since Yi has voted +1 in the discussion thread, this SEP is now adoptedwith two binding votes (Yi, Navina) and one n...
   Author: Dong Lin , 2017-06-24, 00:40