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[SAMZA-1320] Changelog topic configuration should accept streams.<streamId> configurations - Samza - [issue]
...This is a follow up to SAMZA-1317, which solved the migration issue but doesn't allow users to use streams.<streamId>.* to set properties on the changelog. After this ticket, users wil...    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-10-02, 16:59
[SAMZA-1041] Multi-stage feature for Samza - Samza - [issue]
...Samza provides a powerful framework for users to implement and deploy stream processors. One of the core concepts in Samza is a processor, which is deployed individually as a job. While a si...    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-09-20, 22:28
[SAMZA-1207] Samza should publish test utilities in a test artifact - Samza - [issue]
...Samza has some handy tools in samza-test that are not published in a maven artifact. For example:1.    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-08-06, 16:56
[SAMZA-1540] SystemProducer instance for StreamAppender should have task.drop.producer.errors==true - Samza - [issue]
...The idea is to favor high availability and since the SystemProducer for the StreamAppender is not shared, we can safely set the flag without affecting any of the official systems used for pr...    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-06-19, 17:00
[SAMZA-1383] KafkaCheckpointManager does not propagate the cause of exceptions. - Samza - [issue]
...Specifically, when the DifferingSystemStreamPartitionGrouperFactoryValues exception is thrown from KafkaCheckpointLogKey, it gets wrapped in a SamzaException with a generic message. Then, on...    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-05-23, 17:08
[SAMZA-1508] JobRunner should not return success until the job is healthy - Samza - [issue]
...It can be frustrating for users when returns success before the job was fully running.This happens because the JobRunner currently waits for JobStatus=RUNNING, but in Yarn for exa...    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-05-18, 21:28
[SAMZA-1539] KafkaProducer potential hang on close() when task.drop.producer.errors==true - Samza - [issue]
...The issue is caused by 2 bad behaviors:1. KafkaProducer.close() does an unbounded thread.join() even when a force close (timeout == 0 ms) is specified. 2. KafkaSystemProducer.handleSendExcep...    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-05-02, 16:54
[SAMZA-1558] State restore metrics should be duplicated and deprecated to avoid type conflicts - Samza - [issue]
...SAMZA-1356 changed the types of the restore metrics in KeyValueStorageEngineMetrics to gauges, which could break the metric for legacy jobs. Instead, we should introduce new metrics for the ...    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-05-02, 16:53
[Discuss] Samza 0.14.1 release - Samza - [mail # dev]
...Yes, lets do it.On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 11:55 AM, Tom Davis  wrote:> Yeah, I'd love that!>>> On Tue, May 1, 2018, at 1:05 PM, Yi Pan wrote:> > Yes, for Kafka 0.11 chang...
   Author: Jake Maes , 2018-05-01, 23:32
[SAMZA-1680] There should be no TaskCallbackTimeoutException for StreamTask jobs. - Samza - [issue]
...I have a job that’s throwing the following error:org.apache.samza.task.TaskCallbackTimeoutException: Task Partition 0 callback times out at org.apache.samza.task.TaskCallbackManager$    Author: Jake Maes , 2018-04-24, 14:54