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[SAMZA-887] Use cached JobModel everywhere in the Samza AM container - Samza - [issue]
...Since the CoordinatorStreamConsumer is inefficient in how it stays up-to-date with the coordinator stream, it is not acceptable to call jobcoordinator.jobModel() to access the jobmodel withi...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-07-28, 22:23
Welcome Xinyu as new Samza PMC! - Samza - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations, Xinyu!Thanks for all your contribution and looking forward to more 😊Cheers!Navina________________________________From: Yi Pan Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 10:26:54 A...
   Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-17, 18:35
[SAMZA-1523] Cleanup table entries before shutting down the processor - Samza - [issue]
...We want to remove expired entries of the processors from the Azure Table when the processor is shutting down. Azure Table service uses optimistic locking by default. Hence, when the coordina...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-17, 18:12
[SAMZA-1113] Implement startup and shutdown sequence of jobs in ZK environment - Samza - [issue]
...Problem that we need to solve is: Do we need multiple job attempts in the ZK tree? If yes, who creates the persistent subtrees? There is no leader until the ZK trees are setup.In the initial...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-12, 19:26
[SAMZA-1166] Leader should hold a lock to avoid failures on long GC pause/timeouts - Samza - [issue]
...The standard leader election algorithm works well for the leader election. However, for the leader to maintain its leadership, it needs a way to identify that it is still the leader. This ch...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-12, 19:26
[SAMZA-1184] Improvements to Merge Script - Samza - [issue]
...The bin/ script could use the following improvements:1. Fetch reviewer names and email 2. Validate that the PR is approved by at least 1 committer. If there are -1, prom...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-12, 19:26
[SAMZA-1197] Locality should be used in standalone execution (host-affinity) - Samza - [issue]
...With SAMZA-1084 and SEP-1, we started using a varying list of processorId (String), instead of a monotonically increasing bounded set for integers as containerId. This is essential to levera...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-12, 19:26
[SAMZA-1270] Pull out MetricsReporter lifecycle from Container - Samza - [issue]
...Currently, the lifecycle of many components, including the MetricsReporter is tied to the container lifecycle. Due to this, StreamProcessor/JobCoordinator will need to manage their own metri...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-12, 19:26
[SAMZA-1343] Modify the existing failure-testing script for Zookeeper based deployment - Samza - [issue]
...We have a chaos-monkey style failure testing script that periodically kills a component in the cluster and a validator that ensures that the job continues running. This will be very useful e...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-12, 19:26
[SAMZA-524] Update KafkaSystemProducer after Kafka provides a flush behavior - Samza - [issue]
...Currently, kafka producer does not implement a "flush" interface for clients to invoke. Once such a feature is provided, we can hook it up in KafkaSystemProducer.scala...    Author: Navina Ramesh , 2018-01-12, 19:20