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Samza 1.0 Release - Samza - [mail # dev]
...+1 for 1.0! Thanks Rayman for sending out this email!P.S. @Tom, we are in the path to move closer to Kafka 1.0 by removing alldeprecated SimpleConsumer client usage in 1.0. We will definitel...
   Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-24, 17:06
[SAMZA-1895] Repeated definition of StreamConfig configuration prefix and keys should not be allowed - Samza - [issue]
...Git grep result:yipan-mn1:samza_master yipan$ git grep 'streams\.%s\.' | grep -v 'samza-api'samza-aws/src/main/java/org/apache/samza/system/kinesis/  private static f...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-20, 22:58
[SAMZA-1894] Too many redundant definition of system configuration variables - Samza - [issue]
...Quick git grep yields the following:yipan-mn1:samza_master yipan$ git grep 'systems\.%s\.samza.factory'samza-api/src/main/java/org/apache/samza/operators/descriptors/base/system/SystemDescri...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-20, 22:57
[SAMZA-1893] JobNodeConfigurationGenerator should only generate configurations for operators, streams, stores, and tables that are reachable by a JobNode - Samza - [issue]
...Currently, the planner does not generate multi-job ExecutionPlan yet. And hence, the current implementation of JobNodeConfigurationGenerator does not strictly follow the rule to only generat...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-20, 22:28
[SAMZA-1789] Refactor the application runtime classes so that we have a unified pattern to write and launch applications in high- and low-level APIs in YARN and standalone - Samza - [issue]
...This is the ticket to track the work for application runtime API class changes s.t. user applications written in high- or low-level applications can be created and launched via the same set ...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-20, 17:37
[expand - 1 more] - Change log level in samza application - Samza - [mail # dev]
...Hi, Debraj,The method would be the same as how you would change the log level inruntime for other Java application, as long as you find the location of thelog4j.xml file.Link here:https://st...
   Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-17, 17:05
[SAMZA-1714] Creating shared context factory for shared context objects in high-level API - Samza - [issue]
...Currently, ContextManager only provides a single scope, single object shared context in the high-level API:public interface ContextManager {   public void init(Config config, TaskC...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-15, 00:32
[SAMZA-1841] Add broadcast feature to InputDescriptor - Samza - [issue]
...In addition to broadcast streams created via MessageStream#broadcast() operator, there are cases where the broadcast stream is an external input to the Samza application, in both high-level ...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-07, 18:36
[SAMZA-1814] System, Stream and Table configuration generation for low-level task application - Samza - [issue]
...With SEP-14, we introduced System and StreamDescriptors and those descriptors will have toConfig() method to directly generate configuration. TableDescriptor is not following the same patter...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-06, 23:38
[SAMZA-1811] Consolidate the ExecutionPlanner to handle both high-level DAG and low-level single node jobs - Samza - [issue]
...Currently, ExecutionPlanner only works for high-level DAG. It would be nice to consolidate the JobGraph generation and configuration generation between high-level DAG and low-level single-no...    Author: Yi Pan , 2018-09-06, 23:29