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[SENTRY-2497] show grant role results in NPE when URI does not have scheme - Sentry - [issue]
...Sentry throws a NullPointerException when trying to run "show grant role" on a URI with no scheme associated with it. You can see the stacktrace in the HS2 logs:HS2 logs are showing the stac...    Author: Haley Reeve , 2019-02-22, 22:30
[SENTRY-2502] Sentry NN plug-in stops fetching updates from sentry server - Sentry - [issue]
...Sentry plug-in in name node is stopping to fetch updates from sentry server when below sequence of events occurs. Create a table Add a single partition to it. Rename the table created above....    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2019-02-22, 18:48
[SENTRY-2500] CREATE on server does not provide HMS server side read authorization for get_all_tables(database_name) - Sentry - [issue]
...If a user has CREATE privileges on server, they are not able to see any tables with the direct call to the HMS api method get_all_tables when server side filtering is enabled.Ideally, CREATE...    Author: Na Li , 2019-02-21, 17:23
[SENTRY-2501] Add cache for HMS server filtering hook - Sentry - [issue]
...The filter in SentryMetaStoreFilterHook does not cache sentry privileges. Therefore, for each item in the list, sentry client has to get privileges from sentry server. To improve performance...    Author: Na Li , 2019-02-21, 17:23
[SENTRY-1392] Umask 077 leads to Hive crash with Sentry - Sentry - [issue]
...Hi,I installed CDH with Sentry and in Impala everything works fine. We have security demands that umask 077 should be used, so I changed default 022 to 077.But Hive says "No databases found....    Author: Marek Sušický , 2019-02-19, 20:40
[SENTRY-2496] Support multi-field attribute based document level controls for Solr - Sentry - [issue]    Author: Tristan Stevens , 2019-02-18, 14:38
[SENTRY-2495] Support Conjunctive Matching in Solr QueryDocAuthorizationComponent - Sentry - [issue]    Author: Tristan Stevens , 2019-02-17, 12:03
[SENTRY-2498] Exception while deleting paths that does't exist - Sentry - [issue]
...Currently, HMSPaths is throwing an exception while deleting the paths for an object that is not known. Here is the stack trace for the exception2019-02-13 10:19:16,351 WARN org.apache.sentry...    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2019-02-15, 20:09
[SENTRY-2499] HMS metadata creation shows slow performance when Object ownership is enabled - Sentry - [issue]
...Object Owner privilege is created in HMS post event listener. However, testing shows performance degradation due to changeID conflict when saving permission change in concurrent threads.The ...    Author: Na Li , 2019-02-15, 15:30
[SENTRY-2492] Consecutive ALL grants get deleted when multiple roles have ALL grants on that object - Sentry - [issue]
...Have multiple roles with ALL grant on the same object. Then repeat grant ALL on object to a any role. That role will lose its grant...    Author: Arjun Mishra , 2019-02-14, 16:25