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[SENTRY-2320] CLI: Refactor existing Sentry CLIs to use jcommander instead of commons-cli - Sentry - [issue]
...In preparation for ABCM CLI changes discussed in SENTRY-2227 and as discussed on the mailing list, the existing CLIs will be refactored to use the jcommander library instead of commons-cli...    Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-08-29, 19:49
[SENTRY-2322] CLI: Implement ABCM CLI data model - Sentry - [issue]
...Implement backing tables for ABCM as discussed in google doc attached to SENTRY-2227....    Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-07-20, 18:13
[SENTRY-2321] CLI: Implement ABCM CLI commands - Sentry - [issue]
...See implementation design on SENTRY-2227...    Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-07-20, 18:12
[SENTRY-2227] CLI/API: Elaborate implementation design - Sentry - [issue]
...The API/CLI design is discussed at a high level in the SENTRY-2140 design doc. Before implementing the API/CLI, specify at a lower-level of detail the specific commands and the backing datab...    Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-07-20, 18:09
Using a different Command line tool - Sentry - [mail # dev]
...I've updated the details of the proposed command line for Attribute BasedColumn Masking in the google doclinked on SENTRY-2227 .I'd welcome feedback, comments and recommendations here or dir...
   Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-07-12, 16:54
[SENTRY-2225] Generic Attribute Ingestion and Default Implementation - Sentry - [issue]
...As discussed in the design document linked on SENTRY-2140, attributes and their mapping to columns are created and stored in an external system. In order for Sentry to make masking decisions...    Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-05-11, 20:06
[SENTRY-2197] Expand Sentry data model to store attribute policies for use in ABAC - Sentry - [issue]
...In order to store attribute-based policies as described in SENTRY-2140, the Sentry data model needs to be expanded to allow for a new type of privilege. The MSentryExternalAttributePrivilege...    Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-05-09, 15:08
[SENTRY-2196] Expand Sentry data model to store attributes for use in ABAC - Sentry - [issue]
...Once attributes are ingested (see SENTRY-2189), they need to be made available at runtime for use in authorization and masking actions within Sentry. For reasons of both performance and scal...    Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-05-09, 15:08
[expand - 1 more] - Sentry Release Schedule for FGP and ABAC - Sentry - [mail # dev]
...Yes, force pushes on the feature branch would be required. We can post onthe JIRA that there will be ongoing rebases on the feature branch so anyonewanting to commit code is aware. And then ...
   Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-05-01, 16:53
[expand - 1 more] - contributor request - Sentry - [mail # dev]
...[EMAIL PROTECTED]On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 10:28 AM, Sergio Pena wrote:> Sure.>> What is your JIRA username?>> On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 9:56 AM, Anthony Young-Garner <> [EMAI...
   Author: Anthony Young-Garner , 2018-05-01, 15:32