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[SENTRY-2306] Reduce the HMS snapshot size by ignoring partitions at default locations - Sentry - [issue]
...Ignore the partitions entries which are located in default location as they share the same permissions as the table. This will reduce the snapshot size decreasing the time to persist the sna...    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-25, 23:16
Migrating existing loggers to Lombok - Sentry - [mail # dev]
...I prefer option-1.  Changing complete code involves change a ton of class.It's a huge effort. Even if you take option-2 if would take a very onlytime to change all the classes. Let's be...
   Author: Kalyan Kumar Kalvagadda , 2018-09-25, 18:54
[SENTRY-2419] Log where sentry stands in the process of persisting the snpashot - Sentry - [issue]
...Process of persisting the snapshot might take longer based on the snapshot size. It would be helpfull to to be able to understand where the sentry sentry stands in the process of persisting....    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-25, 17:56
[SENTRY-2410] CREATE privileges on Hive does not allow a user to list all tables of a database - Sentry - [issue]
...The CREATE privilege is not allowing a user to see which tables already exist in a database using the SHOW TABLES command. We should allow the SHOW TABLES command to list all tables no matte...    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-21, 16:57
[SENTRY-2411] SHOW GRANT ON authorozable does no display any user privileges on a authorizable - Sentry - [issue]
...> show grant on table all_db.user1_t;INFO  : Compiling command(queryId=hive_20180919101818_e47a63b4-c005-4afa-a775-0c6420d0283f): show grant on table all_db.user1_tINFO  : Seman...    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-20, 14:48
[SENTRY-2404] Fetch configurable number of events from HMS on each fetch - Sentry - [issue]
...Currently sentry fetches 2147483647 every time regardless. This effects the performance  of HMS when there are huge number of events in notification_log table. With the latest improvements i...    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-14, 16:51
[SENTRY-1708] Extend the current test classes to handle multiple sentry servers - Sentry - [issue]
...we need to extend the base classes like SentryServiceIntegrationBase which is used my a lot tests to work with multiple sentry servers....    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-13, 19:59
[SENTRY-1761] Add test for concurrent HMS followers processing notifications - Sentry - [issue]
...Added test to make sure that SENTRY_HMS_NOTIFICATION_ID table is properly updated even when multiple HMSFollowers are processing notifications from HMS....    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-13, 17:04
[SENTRY-2109] Fix the logic of identifying HMS out of Sync and handle gaps and out-of-sequence notifications. - Sentry - [issue]
...Currently HMSFollower proactively checks if sentry is out of sync with HMS and initiates full snapshot, if needed.There will be false positives with the current logic if there are gaps in th...    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-13, 16:50
[SENTRY-2117] event-id in notification log are wrongly called as notification id - Sentry - [issue]
...event-id in notification events is wrongly called as notification id. This is confusing.Code/Documentation should be updated accordingly....    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-09-13, 16:44