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[SM-1009] Create a code formatter profile for import into Eclipse - ServiceMix - [issue]
...The new Checkstyle code convention checking is nice, but it's a major pain when it keeps causing a build to fail. We should create a code formatter profile for Eclipse to automatically forma...    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2007-07-25, 15:28
[SM-1201] Move mock classes from servicemix-soap2 subproject to a better location - ServiceMix - [issue]
...The following mock implementations should be moved to a subproject that is more easily accessible: org.apache.servicemix.soap.interceptors.jbi.MockNormalizedMessage    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2008-01-31, 07:14
[SM-1207] Improve the error message, 'Unrecognized xbean namespace mapping' - ServiceMix - [issue]
...This has been occurring for a while and it's due to the fact that there is more than one dependency on another JBI component. The error can be worked around in one of two ways: Etiher by re...    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2013-03-26, 13:36
[SM-1208] Try to find a way to bridge to existing JNDI context in app servers - ServiceMix - [issue]
...When ServiceMix is deployed to an application server that already has a JNDI context, we need to try to find a way to bridge to that context. This is so that lookups from within JBI componen...    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2013-03-26, 13:36
[SM-1212] Improve the error thrown from the GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo class when the name element is missing from the pom.xml - ServiceMix - [issue]
...When the name element is missing in a pom.xml the following error is thrown: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1       at java.lang.S...    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2010-11-25, 09:26
[SM-1257] Camel version in trunk POM not available in Apache Snapshot Repo - ServiceMix - [issue]
...The SMX trunk currently uses the Apache Camel 1.3-SNAPSHOT version and that is not available in the Apache Snapshot repo. This is causing the trunk build to fail....    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2008-03-03, 23:28
[SM-1264] Cleanup the servicemix-binding-component archetype so the BCs it creates pass the Checkstyle rules - ServiceMix - [issue]
...When using the servicemix-binding-component archetype to create a new BC, the Java classes don't pass the Checkstyle rules. The problems are minor but should be fixed....    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2008-03-06, 18:16
[SM-1278] While using DefaultMessageListenerContainer transactions are not properly rolled back - ServiceMix - [issue]
...While using DefaultMessageListenerContainer the JMSConsumer is not properly rolling back transactions.In AbstractMessageListenerContainer in doExecuteListener(...). it invokes rollbackIfNece...    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2008-03-18, 18:33
[SM-1293] HttpSoapProviderEndpoint ignores custom marshalers - ServiceMix - [issue]
...The HttpSoapProviderEndpoint ignores the marshaler property and will only make use of the default marshaller....    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2013-03-26, 13:36
[SM-1443] The servicemix-binding-component archetype test named MySpringComponentTest is missing a public constructor - ServiceMix - [issue]
...From the user mailing list: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Test set: org.apache.servicemix.samples.helloworld.bc.MySpringComponentTest--------...    Author: Bruce Snyder , 2008-07-04, 16:08