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[SM-3661] add java Expression Language Spec bundles - ServiceMix - [issue]
...previously in pax--web-jsp 4.x it bundle both javax el spec and impl together.But when we use higher version pax--web-jsp which don't provide the javax el spec class anymore and we need inst...    Author: Freeman Fang , 2018-03-22, 04:08
[SM-3662] add javax-el-impl bundle - ServiceMix - [issue]
...The original one doesn't have META-INF/services/javax.el.ExpressionFactory entry, so that the SPI mechanism actually doesn't work...    Author: Freeman Fang , 2018-03-22, 04:08
[SM-3659] can't build reflections-0.9.11 bundle - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: Freeman Fang , 2018-03-20, 00:58
[SM-3740] add dynamic import for c3p0 bundle - ServiceMix - [issue] keep same as commons-dbcp bundle, so that all jdbc driver classes are visible for c3p0...    Author: Freeman Fang , 2018-06-11, 02:01
[SM-3021] Jest bundle has wrong dependency on httpasyncclient-osgi 4.1 packages - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: Freeman Fang , 2016-06-13, 03:20
[SM-1824] BUG in JDK6  ReentrantReadWriteLock can cause SMX hang when redeploy SA - ServiceMix - [issue]
...Look at this test code import java.util.concurrent.locks.*;import java.util.concurrent.*;/** * Test ReentrantReadWrite Lock. * This code shows how we cannot get a read lock if the ...    Author: Freeman Fang , 2009-06-15, 06:25
[SM-1834] two different xmlsec version jars in servicemix-shared - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: Freeman Fang , 2009-03-31, 05:39
[SM-1843] pick up new added bridge-camel sample in the distribution kit - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: Freeman Fang , 2009-04-09, 02:31
[SM-1845] keystore.jks should be filtered during distribution package - ServiceMix - [issue] keep keystore.jks valid...    Author: Freeman Fang , 2009-04-15, 04:26
[SM-1846] add wsn-cxfbc-binding example - ServiceMix - [issue]
...this will verify cxf bc can work with wsn se...    Author: Freeman Fang , 2009-04-24, 07:36