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[SM-176] JmsReceiverComponent does not work for a JMS 1.02 provider - ServiceMix - [issue]
...The Session.createConsumer(...) API is not available for a JMS 1.02 provider (this API was not on the Session interface)This results in a java.lang.AbstractMethodError at startup.I wrote som...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-12-21, 21:58
[SM-182] JmsReceicerComponent destroy method can use less JMS close() calls - ServiceMix - [issue]
...In JMS the connection close() also closes all sessions, consumers/producersIn JMS the session close() also closes all consumers/producersSee    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-17, 01:16
[SM-186] JMSFlow - minor javadoc etc - ServiceMix - [issue]
...Some minor issues:1.  Typo in Javadoc - ConsumerAdvisoerEventListener2. Bad Javadoc doRouting, doSend - "@param packet" does not exist3. processInboundPacket - Reduce calls to event.get...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-23, 22:07
[SM-187] ComponentRegistry.addComponentConnector condition seems faulty - ServiceMix - [issue]
...Suggested fix:    public void addComponentConnector(ComponentConnector connector) {        //PS Fix: START        /*      &nb...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-24, 04:29
[SM-188] JMSFlow - potential to create Queues/Consumers over and over if there are many containers - ServiceMix - [issue]
...onEvent(ConsumerAdvisoryEvent event) is called whenever some remote container starts, but because it in turn calls onEvent(ComponentPacketEvent event) pretending to ACTIVATE local components...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-17, 04:30
[SM-189] JCAFlow - similar to JMSFlow so same minor issues apply - ServiceMix - [issue]
...JCAFlow is similar to JMSFlow. This means the minor issues previously reported for SM-186 etc apply also to the JCAFlow class.Other minor issues specific to JCAFlow include1. Typo in message...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-23, 22:11
[SM-193] There must be some way to know which documentaiotn belongs with which ServiceMix version - ServiceMix - [issue]
...Something is needed to avoid mass confusion because documentation is written for a mixture of  ServiceMix versions and at same time users are not all running with the latest version - I...    Author: Peter Smith , 2013-03-26, 13:40
[SM-198] ManagementContext - bad class Javadoc - ServiceMix - [issue]
...Appears cut/paste from elsewhere...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-23, 22:16
[SM-199] ClassPath overrides equals(Object) but not hashcode - ServiceMix - [issue] overrides equals(Object) method but does not override hashcode(). Butequal objects should have equal hashcodes...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-23, 21:37
[SM-200] FileUtil.deleteFile - NPE will occur if this line ever executes - ServiceMix - [issue]
...Possible NullPointerException In org.servicemix.jbi.util.FileUtil deleteFile(File) method because files will be null when checking files.length             ...    Author: Peter Smith , 2005-11-22, 23:32