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[SM-1961] allow ServiceMix Camel component to auto-expose NMR endpoints, so all NMR endpoints are viewable in camel-web tooling - ServiceMix - [issue]
...The activemq-camel component adds a flag that lets it auto-expose a camel endpoint into the CamelContext for each destination (queue & topic) it can find the broker when ti connects. Thi...    Author: james strachan , 2013-02-22, 10:10
[SM-1229] add ActiveMQ to the camel example so we can show how to work with Camel, ActiveMQ inside ServiceMix - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2013-03-26, 13:36
[SM-1322] switch to using the finer grained Spring jars - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2008-04-24, 07:31
[SM-168] add a JAXB 2.0 version of JavaSource and Marshaler to make it easy to work with JAXB 2 POJOs with the ServiceMixClient and other components - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2005-11-09, 15:20
[SM-170] add simpler methods to ServiceMixClient to make it easier to invoke services without specifying exchange properties or a resolver - ServiceMix - [issue]
...add something like these...    Object request(Map inMessageProperties, Object content) throws JBIException;    void send(Map inMessageProperties, Object content) throws J...    Author: james strachan , 2005-11-09, 16:14
[SM-177] sometimes JmsReceiverComponent creates an IllegalStateExceptino - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2005-11-15, 21:26
[SM-181] include javadocs in binary distro - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2005-12-01, 06:10
[SM-64] copying messages via the XSLT component does not also copy attachments - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2005-09-13, 10:40
[SM-65] create a WAR example to show how to deploy ServiceMix inside any J2EE application server or Servlet engine - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2005-09-13, 10:41
[SM-67] create a binding component for JAX-WS - ServiceMix - [issue]    Author: james strachan , 2005-09-27, 12:12