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[SLING-7216] [nice-to-have] Add a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file to every module - Sling - [issue]
...It would be nice to add a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file to every module that defines the way a person is expected to behave when interacting with the project. This should adhere to the ASF code of co...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2018-09-19, 16:36
[SLING-7940] Improve the Apache Sling website Contributing page - Sling - [issue]
...During the hackathon organised on September 13th, some of the present Sling committers mentioned that the Contributing webpage should be enhanced to provide more useful information [0 ...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2018-09-24, 13:33
[SLING-6390] Remove metatype info for some HTL OSGi configurations - Sling - [issue]
...The following components should be modified so that they don't provide any configuration metatype information any more, eliminating the complexity of having too many configurations in the Sy...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2017-01-09, 11:44
[SLING-6336] Implement a ResourceResolverWrapper - Sling - [issue]
...A ResourceResolverWrapper would help consumers who implement the ResourceResolver interface to not define restrictive import ranges for the API package.The impl...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2016-12-06, 08:58
[SLING-6709] The HAPI implementation doesn't provide the correct attribute type for "itemscope" - Sling - [issue]
...The microdata specification defines the itemscope attribute as boolean [0]. However, the current Sling implementation returns a string, leading to invalid HTML 5 markup.[0] -...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2017-03-27, 11:42
[SLING-6450] [HTL] Cannot retrieve "length" property for arrays of primitive types - Sling - [issue]
...When attempting to retrieve the length property of an array of primitives, HTL will return null. The behaviour should, however, be unitary with the one for Object arrays....    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2017-01-17, 15:34
[SLING-6471] [HTL] data-sly-repeat should add a new line after every appended element in the output - Sling - [issue]
...The data-sly-repeat block element should append a new line after every rendered element, to make the resulting markup more easy to follow....    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2017-03-02, 14:15
[SLING-6570] HTL engine does not correctly generate Java classes for templates stored in different files - Sling - [issue]
...The HTL engine might not correctly generate the Java classes corresponding to HTL templates which are stored in template files. This happens because the RenderUnitProvider does not extract a...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2017-03-02, 14:15
[SLING-4783] The JavaScript scripting engine can generate classloader leaks - Sling - [issue]
...The implementation of the JavaScript scripting engine, based on Rhino, can lead to classloader leaks due to Rhino's ClassCache if the used classloader for loading objects is a DynamicClassLo...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2017-12-14, 07:29
[SLING-4787] Change the DynamicClassLoader used by the Sightly scripting engine - Sling - [issue]
...Since Sightly generated classes are instantiated with a DynamicClassLoader obtained from the ClassLoaderWriter, the context class loader used on a Sightly execution thread should be of the s...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2017-12-14, 07:29