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[SLING-8598] Deprecate - Sling - [issue]
...Once the modules resulted from SLING-8570 are released we should deprecate    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2019-08-12, 08:44
[SLING-8660] Add optional support for precompiled scripts in the HTL engine - Sling - [issue]
...With the help of the module developers can deploy precompiled scripts on a Sling instance. The HTL engine should be extended to provide support for ...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2019-09-01, 19:35
[SLING-8657] Remove the biz.aQute.bndlib dependency - Sling - [issue]
...The Scripting Bundle Tracker makes use of the biz.aQute.bndlib library in order to programatically generate a Provide-Capability header. However, that library shadows some core OSGi annotati...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2019-09-01, 19:37
[SLING-8184] Rely on the sling.servlet.resourceSuperType to optimise servlet registration - Sling - [issue]
...The newly introduced service registration property - sling.servlet.resourceSuperType - should be used by the to regist...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2019-09-01, 19:37
[SLING-8185] Skip attaching the starter jar to the IT project for the Scripting Bundle Tracker - Sling - [issue]
...Currently the slingstart-maven-plugin attaches the Apache Sling custom starter artifact to the IT project build. However, this is not necessary, since the scope of the IT project is not to d...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2019-09-01, 19:37
[SLING-8252] Interrupted execution of the slingfeature-maven-plugin can lead to errors on subsequent builds - Sling - [issue]
...If a developer stops the execution of the slingfeature-maven-plugin, subsequent builds can fail if incomplete JSON files are present in the target folder. It seems that a mvn clean command f...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2019-09-11, 19:23
[SLING-8684] Add support for validating releases from a staging repository - Sling - [issue]
...The CLI tool should support at a minimum verifying release signatures and SHA-1 hashes for staged artifacts....    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2019-09-13, 15:01
[SLING-9034] The MemebersFinder service throws a NPE if the name is missing from an email address - Sling - [issue]
...The MemebersFinder service throws a NPE if the name is missing from an email address....    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2020-01-28, 09:25
[SLING-8867] Enhance the pageContext with the values provided by the SlingBindings - Sling - [issue]
...SLING-8737 brought support for using lazily evaluated bindings. The JSP script engine, however, although sets the SlingBindings as a request attribute, does not do anything else to facilitat...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2020-02-25, 17:09
[SLING-8922] Override all the PageContext methods and delegate to the wrapped context - Sling - [issue]
...Two more methods need to be overridden in, so that the feature from SLING-8867 can work correctly: PageContext#pushBody( Pag...    Author: Radu Cotescu , 2020-02-25, 17:13