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[SLING-4006] [HtmlRendererServlet] Must setStatus(204) instead of sendError(204) - Sling - [issue]
...The HtmlRendererServlet of the Default GET Servlets bundle sets the response status if no content can be rendered to 204/NO CONTENT using the HttpServletResponse.sendError method.This is wro...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2015-07-17, 14:39
[SLING-4007] [POST] Prevent NPE if no Session is available - Sling - [issue]
...If the request has no Session available, a NullPointerException is thrown on line 285 of the SlingPropertyValueHandler class since ResourceResolver.adaptTo(Session.class) returns null which ...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2015-06-15, 08:29
[SLING-2854] Move the ResourceCollectionUtil.createUniqueChildName method to ResourceUtils - Sling - [issue]
...As discussed in SLING-2853, it should be considered to move the utility method to the ResourceUtils helper class....    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2014-01-24, 16:23
[SLING-2855] Integrate Mock extensions to Commons Testing - Sling - [issue]
...As discussed in SLING-2853, it should be considered to move the Mock extensions of the new Resource Collection bundle to the Commons Testing module...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2013-05-07, 05:49
[SLING-2884] [Log] Improvements to Web Console plugins - Sling - [issue]
...The current Web Console plugins of the Commons Log bundles show some defficiencies IMHO:(1) The Configuration Printer writes back all active log files in the printConfiguration method. Proba...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2015-08-04, 13:20
[SLING-2887] Embedding the javax.activation bundle requires proper attribution - Sling - [issue]
...The javax.activation bundle embeds the activation jar which is licensed under CDDL 1.0. Licensing requirements dictate to properly attribute this fact.The NOTICE file must reference this lib...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2013-05-28, 10:31
[SLING-2920] Wrong handling of Sling Filter ordering - Sling - [issue]
...It looks like the ordering of Sling Filters is not implemented as it is documented on [1].The documented intent is: service.ranking ordering with higher numbers being higher preferen...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2015-12-24, 11:37
[SLING-3099] Support launching the request analyzer Swing GUI from the Web Console - Sling - [issue]
...The Request Analyzer filter currently only records a single file and embeds a standalone Java Application to analyze the recorded log.There is no hook to (a) download the recorded log or to ...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2013-09-24, 15:09
[SLING-2944] Replace administrative login by service-based login - Sling - [issue]
...From the start Sling tried to solve the problem of providing services access to the repository and resource tree without having to hard code and configure any passwords. This was done first ...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2014-01-24, 16:23
[SLING-2993] Properly tag and annotate interfaces and classes - Sling - [issue]
...The interfaces and classes in the Sling API bundle are not currently properly documented as to who is intended to implement or extend these. In the interest of stable extensibility, the type...    Author: Felix Meschberger , 2014-01-24, 16:23