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[SLING-3714] Allow for a caller to request a non-null response from adaptTo() - Sling - [issue]
...See SLING-3709 for a Sling Models-specific request. As I commented there, I think this makes more sense as a core change to the Adaptable interface.One option:resource.adaptTo(Result<Node...    Author: Justin Edelson , 2019-10-02, 21:02
[SLING-1756] [explorer] should use spaces instead of tabs - Sling - [issue]    Author: Justin Edelson , 2019-09-20, 11:32
[SLING-1578] reduce code duplication between post servlet and usermanager - Sling - [issue]
...The usermanager bundle includes an almost-verbatim copy of the RequestPropert class from the post servlet bundle. This could be elimintated by using embed-dependecny instead....    Author: Justin Edelson , 2019-09-20, 11:32
[SLING-1589] DefaultContentImporter service doesn't have a pretty name/description - Sling - [issue] and content.import.service.description should be set...    Author: Justin Edelson , 2019-09-20, 11:33