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[SLING-6368] Eclipse IDE Publishing: Double backslashes are not correctly resolved in JCR attribute values - Sling - [issue]
...Note: a commit reference was incorrectly made to this commit instead of SLING-6398, you might want that issue instead.If a .content.xml file contains a attribute like thisconfigjson="\{&...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2019-08-06, 07:43
[SLING-8272] ConfigurationBuilder: Add method to check for the existence of the config - Sling - [issue]
...Sometimes it is desirable to check if a Context Aware Configuration is there at all via the high level API. Both methods as and asCollection will never return null, as they will always consi...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2019-08-19, 11:09
[SLING-8275] ConfigurationBuilder.asValueMap() does not return an empty value map in case configuration is not there - clarify JavaDocs - Sling - [issue]
...Although the javadoc of statesReturns:Value map. Map is empty if content resource or configuration cannot be found.this is in f...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2019-08-19, 11:09
[SLING-8656] Get rid of deprecated/no longer maintained maven-osgi dependency - Sling - [issue]
...Both slingfeature-maven-plugin ( as well as slingstart-maven-plugin (http...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2019-10-21, 05:45
[SLING-7429] Improve basename handling - Sling - [issue]
...Right now the basename handling according to is as followsThe base name a...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2019-10-25, 18:24
[SLING-6756] Remove setting/advising to set permsize and max heap size - Sling - [issue]
...PermSize is no longer an issue with java 8 as Java 8 no longer knows a dedicated permgen space ( Still we set -XX:MaxPermSize=256m in htt...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2019-09-12, 15:55
[SLING-7345] Remove plugin versions from reporting section - Sling - [issue]
...Since Maven 3.1.0 the version of plugins set in the pluginManagement are also correctly considered for reporting plugins ( To remove redundanc...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2019-09-12, 16:01
[SLING-5668] Models: Leverage ServletRequestListener.requestDestroyed for calling DisposalCallback in case the model was created from a request - Sling - [issue]
...Due to SLING-5664 I had to remove usage of SlingScriptHelper in the OSGiServiceInjector. Therefore now always the DisposableCallbackRegistry is used to release service references. That mecha...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2020-01-29, 14:11
[SLING-9033] Never export conditional packages - Sling - [issue]
...By default all versioned packages are exported no matter whether they are conditionalpackages ( or not. As conditionalpackages s...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2020-01-28, 08:17
[SLING-9086] Update to newer version of Pax URL which uses HTTPS Maven Central URLs - Sling - [issue]
...The version fixing needs to be integrated...    Author: Konrad Windszus , 2020-02-21, 10:28