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[SPARK-5974] Add save/load to examples in ML guide - Spark - [issue]
...We should add save/load (model import/export) to the Scala and Java code examples in the ML guide.  This is not yet supported in Python....    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-02-26, 00:13
[SPARK-5980] Add GradientBoostedTrees Python examples to ML guide - Spark - [issue]
...GBT now has a Python API and should have examples in the ML guide...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-05-08, 20:07
[SPARK-5981] pyspark ML models should support predict/transform on vector within map - Spark - [issue]
...Currently, most Python models only have limited support for single-vector prediction.E.g., one can call model.predict(myFeatureVector) for a single instance, but that fails within a map...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2016-10-08, 11:50
[SPARK-5986] Model import/export for KMeansModel - Spark - [issue]
...Support save/load for KMeansModel...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-03-11, 07:32
[SPARK-5987] Model import/export for GaussianMixtureModel - Spark - [issue]
...Support save/load for GaussianMixtureModel...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-03-25, 21:45
[SPARK-5988] Model import/export for PowerIterationClusteringModel - Spark - [issue]
...Add save/load for PowerIterationClusteringModel...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-04-13, 18:53
[SPARK-5989] Model import/export for LDAModel - Spark - [issue]
...Add save/load for LDAModel and its local and distributed variants.LDA...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2016-11-07, 18:15
[SPARK-5990] Model import/export for IsotonicRegression - Spark - [issue]
...Add save/load for IsotonicRegressionModel...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-04-21, 07:14
[SPARK-5991] Python API for ML model import/export - Spark - [issue]
...Many ML models support save/load in Scala and Java.  The Python API needs this.  It should mostly be a simple matter of calling the JVM methods for save/load, except for models whi...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2016-12-11, 05:01
[SPARK-5992] Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) - Spark - [issue]
...Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) would be very useful for ML.  It would be great to discuss some possible algorithms here, choose an API, and make a PR for an initial algorithm....    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2016-11-18, 22:31