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[SPARK-5995] Make ML Prediction Developer APIs public - Spark - [issue]
...Previously, some Developer APIs were added to for classification and regression to make it easier to add new algorithms and models: SPARK-4789  There are ongoing discussions ab...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-05-06, 23:16
[SPARK-6013] Add more Python ML examples for - Spark - [issue]
...Now that the Pipelines API is supported within Python, we should duplicate the remaining Scala/Java examples within Python....    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-05-30, 07:02
[SPARK-6015] Backport Python doc source code link fix to 1.2 - Spark - [issue]
...The Python docs display [source] links which should link to source code, but none work in the documentation provided on the Apache Spark website.  E.g., go here https://spark.apach...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-02-26, 18:46
[SPARK-6019] Document linking with high-performance BLAS libraries - Spark - [issue]
...Even though we may not be able to provide high-performance BLAS libraries (due to licenses, system dependencies, etc.), we could provide better documentation about how to link with such libr...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-05-19, 05:28
[SPARK-6025] Helper method for GradientBoostedTrees to compute validation error - Spark - [issue]
...Create a helper method for computing the error at each iteration of boosting.  This should be used post-hoc to compute the error efficiently on a new dataset.E.g.:def evaluateEachIterat...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-03-21, 00:17
[SPARK-6065] Optimize word2vec.findSynonyms speed - Spark - [issue]
...word2vec.findSynonyms iterates through the entire vocabulary to find similar words.  This is really slow relative to the gcode-hosted word2vec implementation .  It should be optimi...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-10-15, 09:39
[SPARK-6071] ALS doc example fails randomly in PythonAccumulatorParam - Spark - [issue]
...When running the ALS example in on branch-1.3, I got a random failure which I have been unable to reproduce.Sp...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-06-03, 23:06
[SPARK-6098] Propagate Experimental tag to child classes - Spark - [issue]
...Issue: An abstraction (e.g., mllib.classification.ClassificationModel) may be Experimental even when its implementing classes (e.g., mllib.classification.LogisticRegressionModel) are not.Pro...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2017-01-06, 19:59
[SPARK-6099] Stabilize mllib ClassificationModel, RegressionModel APIs - Spark - [issue]
...The abstractions spark.mllib.classification.ClassificationModel and spark.mllib.regression.RegressionModel have been Experimental for a while.  This is a problem since some of the imple...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2017-01-06, 19:59
[SPARK-6113] Stabilize DecisionTree and ensembles APIs - Spark - [issue]
...Issue: The APIs for DecisionTree and ensembles (RandomForests and GradientBoostedTrees) have been experimental for a long time.  The API has become very convoluted because trees and ens...    Author: Joseph K. Bradley , 2015-07-07, 04:26