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[SPARK-1065] PySpark runs out of memory with large broadcast variables - Spark - [issue]
...PySpark's driver components may run out of memory when broadcasting large variables (say 1 gigabyte).Because PySpark's broadcast is implemented on top of Java Spark's broadcast by broadcasti...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2014-08-17, 00:00
[SPARK-759] Change how we track AMI ids in the EC2 scripts - Spark - [issue]
...I think we should change how we track AMI ids in the EC2 scripts.I don't like the current approach of using a URL to track the latest AMI id for each major version number:1. There's no versi...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-08-26, 10:08
[SPARK-764] Fix SPARK_EXAMPLES_JAR in 0.7.2 - Spark - [issue]
...Users are reporting that SPARK_EXAMPLES_JAR is not set right in Spark 0.7.2 (see for a recent example).A new post in http...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-06-22, 10:22
[SPARK-776] Support adding jars to Spark shell - Spark - [issue]
...We should add a mechanism to add additional jars to jobs run in the Spark shell, since addJar() doesn't work there (see's a proposal/patch at h...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-06-22, 17:17
[SPARK-778] run script should try java executable from JAVA_HOME first - Spark - [issue]
...See;It looks like the script tries to run `java` first and falls back on `$JAVA_HOME/bin/java` only if `java` cannot be f...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-06-27, 22:19
[SPARK-970] PySpark's saveAsTextFile() throws UnicodeEncodeError when saving unicode strings - Spark - [issue]
...PySpark throws a UnicodeEncodeError when trying to save unicode objects to text files.  This is because saveAsTextFile() calls str() to get objects' string representations, when it shou...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-12-04, 11:10
[SPARK-971] Link to Confluence wiki from project website / documentation - Spark - [issue]
...Spark's Confluence wiki ( is really hard to find; try a Google search for "apache spark wiki", for example.We should link to t...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2014-11-10, 01:41
[SPARK-972] PySpark's "cannot run multiple SparkContexts at once" message should give source locations - Spark - [issue]
...It can be difficult to debug PySpark's "Cannot run multiple SparkContexts at once" error message if you're not sure where the first context is being created; it would be helpful if the Spark...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2016-07-12, 21:49
[SPARK-977] Add ZippedRDD / zip to PySpark - Spark - [issue]
...We should add an equivalent of ZippedRDD / zip() to PySpark....    Author: Josh Rosen , 2014-03-16, 22:30
[SPARK-985] Support Job Cancellation on Mesos Scheduler - Spark - [issue]
... added job cancellation but may still need support for Mesos scheduler backends:Quote: This looks good except that MesosSchedulerBackend isn'...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-02-07, 22:46