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[SPARK-732] Recomputation of RDDs may result in duplicated accumulator updates - Spark - [issue]
...Currently, Spark doesn't guard against duplicated updates to the same accumulator due to recomputations of an RDD.  For example:    val acc = sc.accumulator(0)    da...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2016-02-24, 22:23
[SPARK-733] Add documentation on use of accumulators in lazy transformation - Spark - [issue]
...Accumulators updates are side-effects of RDD computations.  Unlike RDDs, accumulators do not carry lineage that would allow them to be computed when their values are accessed on the mas...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-01-16, 21:33
[SPARK-745] Document Scala environment configuration when Scala is installed from RPM - Spark - [issue]
...As points out, the Typesafe Scala RPM installs the scala executable in /usr/bin/ and places the Scala library JARs in /usr/share/java/.That pull reque...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-06-30, 17:14
[SPARK-748] Add documentation page describing interoperability with other software (e.g. HBase, JDBC, Kafka, etc.) - Spark - [issue]
...Spark seems to be gaining a lot of data input / output features for integrating with systems like HBase, Kafka, JDBC, Hadoop, etc.It might be a good idea to create a single documentation pag...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2016-01-18, 10:24
[SPARK-749] spark-ec2 fails to detect cluster after ssh error during launch - Spark - [issue]
...I tried to launch an EC2 cluster using Patrick's new version of the EC2 script, running this command ./spark-ec2 -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -s 10 -t m1.large --spot-price 0.25 --region us-west-1 ...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-09-19, 14:58
[SPARK-750] LocalSparkContext should be included in Spark JAR - Spark - [issue]
...To aid third-party developers in writing unit tests with Spark, LocalSparkContext should be included in the Spark JAR.  Right now, it appears to be excluded because it is located in one...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-01-20, 15:46
[SPARK-885] PySpark shell should capture ctrl-c to prevent users from accidentally killing the Java gateway - Spark - [issue]
...If users hit 'ctrl-c' to discard a line of input (or interrupt a command) in the `pyspark` shell, the resulting KeyboardInterrupt kills the Py4J Java Gateway.  Maybe we could capture th...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-09-01, 15:10
[SPARK-919] spark-ec2 launch --resume doesn't re-initialize all modules - Spark - [issue]
...I launched a Spark cluster using the new EC2 scripts, stopped it with stop, then restarted it with start and ran launch --resume to re-deploy the Spark configurations.It looks like the scrip...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-10-04, 21:28
[SPARK-922] Update Spark AMI to Python 2.7 - Spark - [issue]
...Many Python libraries only support Python 2.7+, so we should make Python 2.7 the default Python on the Spark AMIs....    Author: Josh Rosen , 2016-04-22, 16:42
[SPARK-923] Bytes columns in web UI tables don't sort properly - Spark - [issue]
...In the Web UI, columns displaying sizes in bytes do not sort correctly; they are sorted by the string value instead of the number of bytes, megabytes, etc.  It's possible to add a sort ...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-11-30, 15:59