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[SPARK-825] DoubleRDDFunctions.sampleStdev() actually computes regular stdev() - Spark - [issue]
...Due to a typo, DoubleRDDFunctions.sampleStdev() returns the regular, non-sample stdev():  /**    * Compute the sample standard deviation of this RDD's elements (which corrects...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2014-03-30, 23:33
[SPARK-832] PySpark should set worker PYTHONPATH from SPARK_HOME instead of inheriting it from the master - Spark - [issue]
...In current versions of PySpark, the worker Python processes inherit the master's PYTHONPATH environment variable.  This can lead to ImportErrors when running the PySpark worker processe...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2013-08-06, 23:21
[SPARK-833] Web UI's "Application Detail UI" link may use internal EC2 hostname - Spark - [issue]
...In the new (0.8) web UI, the "Application Detail UI" link on the Application Info page is derived from Utils.getLocalHostName().  When running on EC2, this link will break if the local ...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2014-03-30, 05:59
[SPARK-6075] After SPARK-3885, some tasks' accumulator updates may be lost - Spark - [issue]
...It looks like some of the AccumulatorSuite tests have started failing nondeterministically on Jenkins.  The errors seem to be due to lost / missing accumulator updates, e.g.Set(843, 356...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-03-01, 06:53
[SPARK-6079] Use index to speed up StatusTracker.getJobIdsForGroup() - Spark - [issue]
...StatusTracker.getJobIdsForGroup() is implemented via a linear scan over a HashMap rather than using an index.  This might be an expensive operation if there are many (e.g. thousands) of...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-04-02, 20:13
[SPARK-5849] Handle more types of invalid JSON requests in SubmitRestProtocolMessage.parseAction - Spark - [issue]
...SubmitRestProtocolMessage.parseAction casts the result of parse(json) to JObject, but this cast can fail if invalid requests can still be parsed as other JSON types, such as JSON strings. &n...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-02-17, 02:08
[SPARK-6209] ExecutorClassLoader can leak connections after failing to load classes from the REPL class server - Spark - [issue]
...ExecutorClassLoader does not ensure proper cleanup of network connections that it opens.  If it fails to load a class, it may leak partially-consumed InputStreams that are connected to ...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-04-17, 21:08
[SPARK-5671] Bump jets3t version from 0.9.0 to 0.9.2 in hadoop-2.3 and hadoop-2.4 profiles - Spark - [issue]
...Bumping the jets3t version from 0.9.0 to 0.9.2 for the hadoop-2.3 and hadoop-2.4 profiles fixes a dependency conflict issue that was causing UISeleniumSuite tests to fail with ClassNotFoundE...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-02-10, 08:15
[SPARK-5750] Document that ordering of elements in shuffled partitions is not deterministic across runs - Spark - [issue]
...The ordering of elements in shuffled partitions is not deterministic across runs.  For instance, consider the following example:val largeFiles = sc.textFile(...)val airlines = largeFile...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-03-30, 10:58
[SPARK-6492] SparkContext.stop() can deadlock when DAGSchedulerEventProcessLoop dies - Spark - [issue]
...A deadlock can occur when DAGScheduler death causes a SparkContext to be shut down while user code is concurrently racing to stop the SparkContext in a finally block.For example:try {  ...    Author: Josh Rosen , 2015-04-03, 18:24