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[SPARK-6076] Fix a potential OOM issue when StorageLevel is MEMORY_AND_DISK_SER - Spark - [issue]
...When StorageLevel is MEMORY_AND_DISK_SER, it will copy the content from file into memory, then put it into MemoryStore. See:    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-05-01, 19:27
[SPARK-6280] Remove Akka systemName from Spark - Spark - [issue]
...`systemName` is a Akka concept. A RPC implementation does not need to support it. We can hard code the system name in Spark and hide it in the internal Akka RPC implementation....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-12-31, 08:16
[SPARK-1878] Incorrect initialization order in JavaStreamingContext - Spark - [issue] will be null because it is initialized before sparkContext  @deprecated("use sparkContext", "0.9.0")  val sc: JavaSparkContext = sparkContext  /** The underlying SparkConte...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-05-20, 01:27
[SPARK-1656] Potential resource leak in HttpBroadcast, SparkSubmitArguments, FileSystemPersistenceEngine and DiskStore - Spark - [issue]
...Again... I'm trying to review all `close` statements to find such issues....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-10-08, 02:38
[SPARK-1925] Typo in org.apache.spark.mllib.tree.DecisionTree.isSampleValid - Spark - [issue]
...I believe this is a typo:      if ((level > 0) & (parentFilters.length == 0)) {        return false      }Should use "&&" her...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-05-27, 02:44
[SPARK-1932] Race conditions in BlockManager.cachedPeers and ConnectionManager.onReceiveCallback - Spark - [issue]
...BlockManager.cachedPeers and  ConnectionManager.onReceiveCallback are read and written in different threads without proper protection....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-05-27, 06:26
[SPARK-1934] "this" reference escape to "selectorThread" during construction in ConnectionManager - Spark - [issue]
...`selectorThread` starts in the construction of ``, which may cause `writeRunnableStarted` and `readRunnableStarted` are uninitialized before them ar...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-01-28, 20:44
[SPARK-1628] Missing hashCode methods in Partitioner subclasses - Spark - [issue]
...`hashCode` is not override in HashPartitioner, RangePartitioner, PythonPartitioner and PageRankUtils.CustomPartitioner. Should override hashcode() if overriding equals()....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-06-08, 21:19
[SPARK-6468] Fix the race condition of subDirs in DiskBlockManager - Spark - [issue]
...There are two race conditions of subDirs in DiskBlockManager:1. `getAllFiles` does not use correct locks to read the contents in `subDirs`. Although it's designed for testing, it's still wor...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-03-26, 12:55
[SPARK-6490] Deprecate configurations for "askWithReply" and use new configuration names - Spark - [issue]
...After we rewrite all Akka "ask" places with RpcEndpointRef.askWithReply, we should deprecate "spark.akka.num.retries", "spark.akka.retry.wait" and "spark.akka.lookupTimeout", and use "spark....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-04-21, 08:53