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[SPARK-4661] Minor code and docs cleanup - Spark - [issue]
...Just found several tiny issues in the codes and docs....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-12-01, 08:35
[SPARK-4664] Overflow of `maxFrameSizeBytes` - Spark - [issue]
...If `spark.akka.frameSize` > 2047, it will overflow and become negative. Should have some assertion in `maxFrameSizeBytes` to warn people....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-12-01, 08:33
[SPARK-4715] ShuffleMemoryManager.tryToAcquire may return a negative value - Spark - [issue]
...Here is a unit test to demonstrate it:  test("threads should not be granted a negative size") {    val manager = new ShuffleMemoryManager(1000L)    manager.tryToAcqu...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-12-03, 20:21
[SPARK-4361] SparkContext HadoopRDD is not clear about how to use a Hadoop Configuration - Spark - [issue]
...When I answered this question:, I found SparkContext did not explain how to use a Hadoop Configura...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-04-02, 09:36
[SPARK-4363] The Broadcast example is out of date - Spark - [issue]
...The Broadcast example is out of date....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-11-15, 06:28
[SPARK-4364] Some variable types in org.apache.spark.streaming.JavaAPISuite are wrong - Spark - [issue]
...Because of the type erase, the unit tests will pass. However, the wrong variable types will confuse people. The locations of these variables can be found in my PR....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-11-13, 01:50
[SPARK-4379] RDD.checkpoint throws a general Exception (should be SparkException) - Spark - [issue]
...It's better to change to SparkException. However, it's a breaking change since it will change the exception type....    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2014-11-15, 06:26
[SPARK-4397] Reorganize 'implicit's to improve the API convenience - Spark - [issue]
...As I said here,[EMAIL PROTECTED]%3Emany people asked how to convert a RDD to a PairRDDFunctions.If we can reorganize the `imp...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-05-18, 12:57
[SPARK-4644] Implement skewed join - Spark - [issue]
...Skewed data is not rare. For example, a book recommendation site may have several books which are liked by most of the users. Running ALS on such skewed data will raise a OutOfMemory error, ...    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-12-17, 06:44
[SPARK-10369] Fix a bug that Receiver could not be started after deregistering - Spark - [issue]    Author: Shixiong Zhu , 2015-08-31, 19:20