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[SPARK-25190] Better operator pushdown API - Spark - [issue]
...The current operator pushdown API is a little hard to use. It defines several SupportsPushdownXYZ interfaces and ask the implementation to be mutable to store the pushdown result. We should ...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2018-08-22, 16:07
[SPARK-25187] Revisit the life cycle of ReadSupport instances. - Spark - [issue]
...Currently the life cycle is bound to the batch/stream query. This fits streaming very well but may not be perfect for batch source. We can also consider to let ReadSupport.newScanConfigBuild...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2018-08-22, 15:58
[SPARK-19242] SHOW CREATE TABLE should generate new syntax to create hive table - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2018-09-11, 14:12
[SPARK-19027] estimate size of object buffer for object hash aggregate - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2018-09-11, 14:13
[SPARK-19014] support complex aggregate buffer in HashAggregateExec - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2018-09-11, 14:14
[SPARK-25443] fix issues when building docs with release scripts in docker - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2018-09-18, 02:11
[SPARK-3698] Case sensitive check in spark sql is incompleted. - Spark - [issue]
...Currently HiveQL is case insensitive. But if we run `SELECT a[0].A.A from t`, we don't do case insensitive check for "A.A", which is wrong....    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2014-12-17, 20:45
[SPARK-10934] hashCode of unsafe array may crash - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2015-10-21, 02:21
[SPARK-10740] handle nondeterministic expressions correctly for set operations - Spark - [issue]
...We should only push down deterministic filter condition to set operator.For Union, let's say we do a non-deterministic filter on 1...5 union 1...5, and we may get 1,3 for the left side and 2...    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2015-09-22, 19:16
[SPARK-10743] keep the name of expression if possible when do cast - Spark - [issue]    Author: Wenchen Fan , 2015-10-21, 20:30