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[SPARK-10737] When using UnsafeRows, SortMergeJoin may return wrong results - Spark - [issue]
...val df1 = (1 to 10).map(i => (s"str_$i", i)).toDF("i", "j")val df2 =  df1  .join("i")), "i")  .select(df1("i"), df1("j"))val df3 = df2.withColumnRenamed("i",...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-09-22, 20:32
[SPARK-6016] Cannot read the parquet table after overwriting the existing table when spark.sql.parquet.cacheMetadata=true - Spark - [issue]
...saveAsTable is fine and seems we have successfully deleted the old data and written the new data. However, when reading the newly created table, an error will be thrown.Error in SQL statemen...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-24, 00:44
[SPARK-6023] ParquetConversions fails to replace the destination MetastoreRelation of an InsertIntoTable node to ParquetRelation2 - Spark - [issue]
...import sqlContext._sql("drop table if exists test")val df1 = sqlContext.jsonRDD(sc.parallelize((1 to 10).map(i => s"""{"a":$i}""")))df1.registerTempTable("jt")sql("create table test (a bi...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-24, 00:43
[SPARK-6024] When a data source table has too many columns, it's schema cannot be stored in metastore. - Spark - [issue]
...Because we are using table properties of a Hive metastore table to store the schema, when a schema is too wide, we cannot persist it in metastore.15/02/25 18:13:50 ERROR metastore.RetryingHM...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-02-27, 04:46
[SPARK-6052] In JSON schema inference, we should always set containsNull of an ArrayType to true - Spark - [issue]
...We should not try to figure out if an array contains null or not because we may miss arrays with null if we do sampling or future data may have nulls in the array....    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-24, 00:42
[SPARK-6073] Need to refresh metastore cache after append data in CreateMetastoreDataSourceAsSelect - Spark - [issue]
...We should drop the metadata cache in CreateMetastoreDataSourceAsSelect after we append data. Otherwise, users have to manually call HiveContext.refreshTable to drop the cached metadata entry...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-24, 00:42
[SPARK-6123] Parquet reader should use the schema of every file to create converter - Spark - [issue]
...For two parquet files for the same table having an array column, if values of the array in one file was created when containsNull was true and those in another file was created when contains...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-07-09, 11:36
[SPARK-6146] Support more datatype in SqlParser - Spark - [issue]
...Right now, I cannot do df.selectExpr("cast(a as bigint)")because only the following data types are supported in SqlParserprotected lazy val dataType: Parser[DataType] =    ( STRING...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-24, 00:39
[SPARK-5758] Use LongType as the default type for integers in JSON schema inference. - Spark - [issue]
...Per discussion in, we will use LongType as the default data type for integer values in JSON schema inference....    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-25, 21:46
[SPARK-5781] Add metadata files for JSON datasets - Spark - [issue]
...If we save a dataset in JSON format (e.g. through, we should also persist the schema of the table. So, we can avoid inferring the schema when we want to query it in future....    Author: Yin Huai , 2016-10-07, 22:43