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[SPARK-5789] Throw a better error message if JsonRDD.parseJson encounters unrecoverable parsing errors. - Spark - [issue]
...For examplesqlContext.jsonRDD(sc.parallelize(""""a":1}"""::Nil))will throwscala.MatchError: a (of class java.lang.String) at org.apache.spark.sql.json.JsonRDD$$anonfun$parseJson$1$$anonfun$a...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-25, 21:46
[SPARK-5823] Reuse mutable rows for inner structures when parsing JSON objects - Spark - [issue]
...With SPARK-5738, we will reuse a mutable row for rows when parsing JSON objects. We can do the same thing for inner structures....    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-09-16, 08:04
[SPARK-5839] HiveMetastoreCatalog does not recognize table names and aliases of data source tables. - Spark - [issue]
...For example, when we runval originalDefaultSource = conf.defaultDataSourceNameval rdd = sparkContext.parallelize((1 to 10).map(i => s"""{"a":$i, "b":"str${i}"}"""))val df = jsonRDD(rdd)co...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-02-17, 00:07
[SPARK-6163] jsonFile should be backed by the data source API - Spark - [issue]
...Otherwise, users cannot insert data into the DF returned by jsonFile....    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-04-24, 00:38
[SPARK-6175] Executor log links are using internal addresses in EC2; display `:0` when ephemeral ports are used - Spark - [issue]
...See the comment at    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-03-05, 20:04
[SPARK-6212] The EXPLAIN output of CTAS only shows the analyzed plan - Spark - [issue]
...When you trysql("explain extended create table parquet2 as select * from parquet1").collect.foreach(println)The output will be [== Parsed Logical Plan ==]['CreateTableAsSelect None, parquet2...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-08-09, 04:06
[SPARK-6247] Certain self joins cannot be analyzed - Spark - [issue]
...When you try the following codeval df =   (1 to 10)      .map(i => (i, i.toDouble, i.toLong, i.toString, i.toString))      .toDF("intCol", "doubleC...    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-03-20, 23:00
[SPARK-6248] LocalRelation needs to implement statistics - Spark - [issue]
...We need to implement statistics for LocalRelation. Otherwise, we cannot join a LocalRelation with other tables. The following exception will be    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-03-20, 22:58
[SPARK-5658] Finalize DDL and write support APIs - Spark - [issue]    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-02-12, 04:32
[SPARK-5723] Change the default file format to Parquet for CTAS statements. - Spark - [issue]
...Right now, if you issue a CTAS queries without specifying file format and serde info, we will use TextFile. We should switch to Parquet....    Author: Yin Huai , 2015-02-18, 02:14