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[SPARK-10442] select cast('false' as boolean) returns true - Spark - [issue]    Author: Yin Huai , 2019-07-24, 02:03
[SPARK-17910] Allow users to update the comment of a column - Spark - [issue]
...Right now, once a user set the comment of a column with create table command, he/she cannot update the comment. It will be useful to provide a public interface (e.g. SQL) to do that....    Author: Yin Huai , 2019-10-12, 08:52
[SPARK-23292] python tests related to pandas are skipped with python 2 - Spark - [issue]
...I was running python tests and found that pyspark.sql.tests.GroupbyAggPandasUDFTests.test_unsupported_types does not run with Python 2 because the test uses "assertRaisesRegex" (supported by...    Author: Yin Huai , 2019-10-08, 05:41
[SPARK-9862] Join: Handling data skew - Spark - [issue]
...For a two way shuffle join, if one or multiple groups are skewed in one table (say left table) but having a relative small number of rows in another table (say right table), we can use broad...    Author: Yin Huai , 2020-01-18, 00:08
[SPARK-30783] Hive 2.3 profile should exclude hive-service-rpc - Spark - [issue]
...hive-service-rpc 2.3.6 and spark sql's thrift server module have duplicate classes. Leaving hive-service-rpc 2.3.6 in the class path means that spark can pick up classes defined in hive inst...    Author: Yin Huai , 2020-02-11, 17:48
[SPARK-30784] Hive 2.3 profile should still use orc-nohive - Spark - [issue]
...Originally reported at Right now, Hive 2.3 profile pulls in regular orc, which depends on hive-storage-api. However, hive-st...    Author: Yin Huai , 2020-03-10, 08:50
[SPARK-10681] DateTimeUtils needs a method to parse string to SQL's timestamp value - Spark - [issue]
...Right now, DateTimeUtils.stringToTime returns a java.util.Date whose getTime returns milliseconds. It will be great if we have a method to parse string directly to SQL's timestamp value (mic...    Author: Yin Huai , 2019-11-15, 07:48
[SPARK-10087] Disable reducer locality in 1.5 - Spark - [issue]
...In some cases, when spark.shuffle.reduceLocality.enabled is enabled, we are scheduling all reducers to the same executor (the cluster has plenty of resources). Changing spark.shuffle.reduceL...    Author: Yin Huai , 2020-05-17, 17:47
[SPARK-10567] Reducer locality follow-up for Spark 1.6 - Spark - [issue]
...For Spark 1.6, let's check the issue mentioned in is fixed when spark.shuffle.reduceLocality.enabled is true.Otherwise, we should disable it....    Author: Yin Huai , 2020-05-17, 17:48
[SPARK-16423] Inconsistent settings on the first day of a week - Spark - [issue]
...For the function WeekOfYear, we explicitly set the first day of the week to Calendar.MONDAY. However, FromUnixTime does not explicitly set it. So, we are using the default first day of the w...    Author: Yin Huai , 2020-05-18, 20:12