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[SPARK-991] Report call sites of operators in Python - Spark - [issue]
...Similar to our call site reporting in Java, we can get a stack trace in Python with traceback.extract_stack. It would be nice to set that stack trace as the name on the corresponding RDDs so...    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2018-03-29, 14:39
[SPARK-3611] Show number of cores for each executor in application web UI - Spark - [issue]
...This number is not always fully known, because e.g. in Mesos your executors can scale up and down in # of CPUs, but it would be nice to show at least the number of cores the machine has in t...    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2016-02-03, 23:55
[SPARK-3619] Upgrade to Mesos 0.21 to work around MESOS-1688 - Spark - [issue]
...The Mesos 0.21 release has a fix for, which affects Spark jobs....    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2015-03-16, 02:38
[SPARK-3466] Limit size of results that a driver collects for each action - Spark - [issue]
...Right now, operations like collect() and take() can crash the driver with an OOM if they bring back too many data. We should add a spark.driver.maxResultSize setting (or something like that)...    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2014-11-02, 07:04
[SPARK-3467] Python BatchedSerializer should dynamically lower batch size for large objects - Spark - [issue]
...If you try caching largish objects in Python, you will get a crash sooner than you would in Scala / Java because Python automatically batches them. I believe the default batch size is 10, th...    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2014-10-20, 20:48
[SPARK-3628] Don't apply accumulator updates multiple times for tasks in result stages - Spark - [issue]
...In previous versions of Spark, accumulator updates only got applied once for accumulators that are only used in actions (i.e. result stages), letting you use them to deterministically comput...    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2015-03-25, 16:33
[SPARK-3629] Improvements to YARN doc - Spark - [issue]
...Right now this doc starts off with a big list of config options, and only then tells you how to submit an app. It would be better to put that part and the packaging part first, and the confi...    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2015-06-27, 06:09
[SPARK-3643] Add cluster-specific config settings to configuration page - Spark - [issue]
...This would make it easier to search a single page for these options. The downside is that we'd have to maintain them in 2 places (cluster-specific pages and this one)....    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2015-03-14, 00:14
[SPARK-1102] Create a saveAsNewAPIHadoopDataset method - Spark - [issue]
...Right now RDDs can only be saved as files using the new Hadoop API, not as "datasets" with no filename and just a JobConf. See for...    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2014-03-18, 11:06
[SPARK-760] Include a simple PageRank example in Spark - Spark - [issue]
...Lots of people ask about it. It would be nice to have one in Scala, Java and Python....    Author: Matei Zaharia , 2013-08-12, 21:27