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[SPARK-24759] No reordering keys for broadcast hash join - Spark - [issue]
...As the implementation of the broadcast hash join is independent of the input hash partitioning, reordering keys is not necessary. Thus, we solve this issue by simply removing the broadcast h...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-07-09, 21:53
[SPARK-24796] Support GROUPED_AGG_PANDAS_UDF in Pivot - Spark - [issue]
...Currently, Grouped AGG PandasUDF is not supported in Pivot. It is nice to support it. # create input dataframefrom pyspark.sql import Rowdata = [  Row(id=123, total=200.0, qty=3, name='...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-07-18, 14:31
[SPARK-23936] High-order function: map_concat(map1<K, V>, map2<K, V>, ..., mapN<K, V>) → map<K,V> - Spark - [issue]
...Ref: the union of all the given maps. If a key is found in multiple given maps, that key’s value in the resulting map comes f...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-07-09, 12:23
[SPARK-24741] Have a built-in AVRO data source implementation - Spark - [issue]
...Apache Avro ( is a data serialization format. It is widely used in the Spark and Hadoop ecosystem, especially for Kafka-based data pipelines. Using Spark-Avro package...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-07-13, 15:55
[SPARK-23868] Fix scala.MatchError in literals.sql.out - Spark - [issue]
...To fix scala.MatchError in literals.sql.out, added an entry for CalendarIntervalType in QueryExecution.toHiveStructString....    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-04-04, 17:07
[SPARK-19128] Refresh Metadata Cache After ALTER TABLE SET LOCATION - Spark - [issue]
...ALTER TABLE SET LOCATION is missing refresh table cache.      val catalog = spark.sessionState.catalog      sql("CREATE TABLE tab1 using parquet AS SELECT 1 as ...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-04-02, 22:16
[SPARK-24867] Add AnalysisBarrier to DataFrameWriter - Spark - [issue]
...      val udf1 = udf({(x: Int, y: Int) => x + y})      val df = spark.range(0, 3).toDF("a")        .withColumn("b", udf1($"a", udf1($"a",...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-07-26, 01:36
[SPARK-24070] TPC-DS Performance Tests for Parquet 1.10.0 Upgrade - Spark - [issue]
...TPC-DS performance evaluation of Apache Spark Parquet 1.8.2 and 1.10.0....    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-07-17, 18:32
[SPARK-24071] Micro-benchmark of Parquet Filter Pushdown - Spark - [issue]
...Need a micro-benchmark suite for Parquet filter pushdown...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-07-17, 18:34
[SPARK-23902] Provide an option in months_between UDF to disable rounding-off - Spark - [issue]
... off was added in {{GenericUDFMonthsBetween}} so that it can be compatible with systems like oracle. However, there are places where r...    Author: Xiao Li , 2018-04-26, 03:19