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[SPARK-27946] Hive DDL to Spark DDL conversion USING "show create table" - Spark - [issue]
...Many users migrate tables created with Hive DDL to Spark. Defining the table with Spark DDL brings performance benefits. We need to add a feature to Show Create Table that allows you to gene...    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-11-17, 04:58
[SPARK-28527] Build a Test Framework for Thriftserver - Spark - [issue]
... shows we need to improve the overall test coverage for Thrift-server. We can bulid a test framework that can directly re-run all the tests i...    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-11-19, 04:09
[SPARK-14922] Alter Table Drop Partition Using Predicate-based Partition Spec - Spark - [issue]
...Below is allowed in Hive, but not allowed in Spark.alter table ptestfilter drop partition (c='US', d<'2')This example is copied from drop_partitions_filter.q...    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-11-19, 09:36
[SPARK-29939] Add spark.shuffle.mapStatus.compression.codec conf - Spark - [issue]
...All the other compressions have conf. Could we do it for this too? See the examples:    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-11-25, 23:24
[SPARK-27764] Feature Parity between PostgreSQL and Spark - Spark - [issue]
...PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced open source databases. This umbrella Jira is trying to track the missing features and bugs.  ...    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-12-02, 23:23
[SPARK-25121] Support multi-part column name for hint resolution - Spark - [issue]
...After supporting multi-part names in, we also need to consider how to resolve the hints for broadcast hints....    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-12-03, 22:56
[SPARK-28961] Upgrade Maven to 3.6.2 - Spark - [issue]
...It looks like maven 3.6.1 is missing from the apache maven repo: is causing PR build failures:    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-12-05, 17:40
[SPARK-27395] New format of EXPLAIN command - Spark - [issue]
...Currently, when the query is complex or the output schema is long, the outputs of our EXPAIN command are not readable. Our documentation does not explain how to read the plans [e.g., the...    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-12-10, 07:59
[SPARK-29883] Implement a helper method for aliasing bool_and() and bool_or() - Spark - [issue]
... A general issue in error message when the function name is just an alias name of the actual built-in function. For example, every is an alias of bool_and in Spark 3.0 cannot resolve 'every(...    Author: Xiao Li , 2019-12-09, 06:32