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[SQOOP-3042] Sqoop does not clear compile directory under /tmp/sqoop-<username>/compile automatically - Sqoop - [issue]
...After running sqoop, all the temp files generated by ClassWriter are left behind on disk, so anyone can check those JAVA files to see the schema of those tables that Sqoop has been interacti...    Author: Eric Lin , 2018-08-29, 07:41
[SQOOP-3330] Sqoop --append does not work with -Dmapreduce.output.basename - Sqoop - [issue]
...When adding --append to Sqoop directory import with -Dmapreduce.output.basename, all files will be ignored, which end up nothing being imported. See below DEBUG output:sqoop import -Dmapredu...    Author: Eric Lin , 2018-07-13, 07:36
[SQOOP-3039] Sqoop unable to export Time data "13:14:12.1234" into Time colum in RMDBS - Sqoop - [issue]
...To re-produce:Set up MySQL database with following schema:CREATE TABLE `test` (  `a` time(2) DEFAULT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1Store the following data in HDFS:16:56:53....    Author: Eric Lin , 2018-06-02, 21:12
[SQOOP-3061] Sqoop --options-file failed with error "Malformed option in options file" even though the query is correct - Sqoop - [issue]
...if you have the following in the options file:--querySELECT * FROM test WHERE a = 'b'and then run sqoop --options-file <file-path>it will fail with the following error:16/11/22 16:08:5...    Author: Eric Lin , 2017-06-16, 04:30
[SQOOP-3135] Not enough error message for debugging when parameters missing - Sqoop - [issue]
...Run the following sqoop command:sqoop job --create test -- import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/test --username root --password $pass --target-dir /tmp/test10 -m 1 --driver com.mysql.jdbc...    Author: Eric Lin , 2017-06-16, 04:25
[SQOOP-3152] --map-column-hive to support DECIMAL(xx,xx) - Sqoop - [issue]
...The following command:sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/test --username root --password 'cloudera' --table decimal_table  -m 1 --driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver --verbose --hiv...    Author: Eric Lin , 2017-06-16, 04:24
[SQOOP-3040] Lost time millisecond precision for Time data type when importing - Sqoop - [issue]
...To re-produce, create a MySQL database with time(6) data type:CREATE TABLE `test` (  `a` time(6) DEFAULT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;INSERT INTO test VALUES ('16:56:53.09...    Author: Eric Lin , 2017-01-16, 05:51
[SQOOP-3041] Sqoop import TIMESTAMP(6) field into HDFS will truncate tailing zeros in the millisecond part - Sqoop - [issue]
...A column defined as TIMESTAMP(6) will lose it's tailing zeros when imported in HDFS:Example, the following data with TIMESTAMP(6) data type:2009-11-05 19:01:59.1200002009-11-05 19:01:59.0000...    Author: Eric Lin , 2016-11-06, 00:29