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[STORM-3105] Update storm hive dependency version - Storm - [issue]
...Storm hive is compiled with hive.version 0.14.0 which is quite old. The current stable hive release is 3.0.0. Using storm-hive with such an old version causes issues when hive cluster versio...    Author: Abhishek , 2018-09-19, 18:48
[STORM-3106] Clarify hive version requirement in storm-hive documentation - Storm - [issue]
...storm-hive uses 3 dependencies from org.apache.hive.hcatalog. All the dependencies are compiled with hive.version hardcoded here.If hive.version doesn't match the hive cluster's version ther...    Author: Abhishek , 2018-06-14, 16:19
[STORM-2384] Add a log statement when spout skips calling nextTuple. - Storm - [issue]
...I have come across threads where people ask questions about a topology being stuck because the spout isn't emitting anything. Having spent considerable time debugging this myself, I think ad...    Author: Abhishek , 2017-03-08, 07:14
[STORM-2203] Add a getAll method to KeyValueState interface - Storm - [issue]
...A getAll method which would return all the key value pairs present in the state could be really useful in Stateful bolts. Example use case - Loop over all key value pairs in state on receivi...    Author: Abhishek , 2016-12-30, 09:06